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1. Freedom Day farce as Boris Johnson urged to end ‘pingdemic’

Boris Johnson is under pressure to end the "mad" system of self-isolation as he and two other top ministers were forced into quarantine on "Freedom Day".

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, and Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, are all isolating after the latter tested positive for Covid and the other two were identified as close contacts.  Read the full story.

2. How Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak took just two hours 20 minutes to back down on self-isolation

When Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak were identified as close contacts of Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, who recently tested positive for Covid, most people were expecting that they would go into self-isolation for 10 days. 

But instead, Downing Street announced that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor would take part in a pilot scheme allowing them to avoid self-isolation and continue working.  Read the full story.

3. Oxford dons should stop ‘throwing tantrums’ over statues, says Oriel’s only African tutor

Oxford dons should stop "throwing tantrums" over statues and focus on addressing the inequalities of today, Oriel College’s only African tutor has said.

Rather than "virtue signalling" about a historic figure, academics should channel their energies into promoting equality in contemporary society, according to Dr Marie Kawthar Daouda.  Read the full story.

4. Heatwave: Staff should be spared Monday return to the office

It is the day that freshly suited and booted workers were due to emerge from home offices and return to the traditional commute.

But the heatwave means it is extremely unlikely that there will be a mass exodus of employees keen to get back to work on Monday as restrictions are finally lifted.  Read the full story.

5. Covid deaths just one sixteenth of level seen in previous waves

Deaths are currently just one sixteenth of the level seen during similar infection rates in previous Covid waves, the latest figures show.

The most recent data show that, despite a rise in case numbers, the seven-day rolling daily death rate is just 40 compared to 654 on Dec 26 when the seven-day case rate was close to the current rate of 45,000 new infectious per day.   Read the full story.

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