We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "under the stars". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

image copyrightChad Powellimage captionChad Powell: "Taken at 01:00 from Appuldurcombe Down, the Milky Way arches above the town of Wroxall, behind the silhouette of a lone tree on the Isle of Wight."image copyrightRyan Kettererimage captionRyan Ketterer took this from Mount Graham in Arizona, USA.image copyrightSrinivasa Prasathimage captionSrinivasa Prasath: "Always love to camp under the stars and watch the summer sky shine brilliantly with our home galaxy Milky Way stretching across the sky."image copyrightSrinivasa Prasathimage captionSrinivasa Prasath: "Trekkers huddling around the campfire in sub-zero temperatures, during a winter trek in the Himalayas."image copyrightWilliam Riderimage captionWilliam Rider: "A family walk one evening led to lots of fun making silhouettes against a beautiful night sky."image copyrightCraig Lefebvreimage captionCraig Lefebvre: "A historic waterwheel and pump house beneath star trails at Red Rock Crossing Park in Sedona, Arizona, USA. Star trails captured in 30-second exposures over 60 minutes, and blended with the waterwheel and building illuminated by permanent and supplemental low-level lighting."image copyrightLinda Cookimage captionLinda Cook: "Milky Way and a beach log at Manzanita in Oregon."image copyrightRachael Blakeyimage captionRachael Blakey: "A self-portrait of myself and an abandoned house in New Brunswick, Canada, with the Milky Way in the background."image copyrightArpan Uzirimage captionArpan Uzir: "An 11-shot panorama of the Milky Way arching over Leh town in Ladakh, India."image copyrightRoy Howarthimage captionRoy Howarth: "The Scallop is at Aldeburgh in Suffolk and was created and installed as a tribute to Benjamin Britten. I have wanted to try this shot for a while now, but it is only really possible in spring due to the position of the Milky Way, so had to get there around 02:00."image copyrightVerna Evansimage captionAnd finally, a photo by Verna Evans: "Come sunshine or showers, this lady has shelter under the stars!"

The next theme is "making tracks", and the deadline for entries is 27 July 2021.

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