Tilda Swinton has urged viewers not to judge women’s contribution to a film by its director as she claimed that female film-makers have the representation they want in cinema.

The British actress said that women are already well-represented in cinema at a Cannes Film Festival event to promote the work of female artists in the medium.

Swinton said that “we have what we want already” in response to questions about the presence of women in the industry.

The Oscar-winning star of movies such as The Chronicles of Narnia series and We Need to Talk About Kevin appeared to dismiss worries about a dearth of women in cinema.

“We have what we want already,” she said at the Kering Women in Motion event to promote women in motion pictures.

She added: “When people are encouraging themselves to feel anxious that they are, maybe, only looking at a roster of directors at a film festival, they may be forgetting that all of these films… are suffused with the sensibilities of women.”

Fighting for ‘something amplified, not new’

The actress appears in five films premiering at the festival in the French Riviera, including Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch.

She said: “To listen to our anxiety is not necessarily useful. There have always been women film-makers and there always will be. In fact, from all the way back to the beginning of cinema…

“It feels to me that there’s a narrative that there hasn’t been, and we have to address that. We’re not fighting for something new, but fighting for something amplified.

“They may not necessarily direct them, but most films that you are going to see are full of women film-makers.”

Swinton told the media in Cannes that while women in cinema “have what we want”, the pressing issue is to make the creative input of women more widely known and celebrated.

She said the drive for greater representation is about “amplifying” the already significant role women play in the medium.

“We want more, but we have a lot,” she added.