Boris Johnson has confirmed that the Government plans to lift Covid restrictions in England on July 19.

But as seen in the video above, a look back at two previous press conferences reveals an apparent shifting of positions on face masks, working from home and social distancing.


On July 5, the Prime Minister said: “Will I personally wear a mask? I think… it will depend on the circumstances.

“What we want to do is for people to exercise their personal responsibility but remember the value in face masks both in protecting themselves and others.”

On Monday, the Prime Minister said ministers now "expect" people to wear face masks in crowded areas. 

"On a crowded tube train, we as a government would expect and recommend that people wear masks."

Working from home

On July 5, the Prime Minister said: “The government is no longer telling people that it’s necessary that they should work from home and the rest is really for employers to work out for themselves.”

On Monday, the Prime Minister said ministers "don’t expect the whole country to return to their desk as one" from July 19, just because the guidance is changing. 

Social distancing

On June 14, the Prime Minister said: “People may want to keep maintaining social distancing, they may want to keep being sensible but as far as I can see we will be in a much better position as a country to go forward with the full opening up that we envisage.

“There are many businesses that need to move on beyond social distancing, many jobs where we need to be able to do things in a way that we always used to do them – people are yearning to get back to that as indeed I am.” 

On July 5 the Prime Minister said: “From Step 4, we will remove all legal limits on the numbers that can meet indoors and outdoors. We will allow all businesses to re-open including nightclubs.

“We will end the one-metre-plus rule on social distancing.”

On Monday, the Prime Minister said he was “urging nightclubs and other venues with large crowds to make use of the NHS Covid pass which shows proof of vaccination, recent negative test or natural immunity as a means for entry”.

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