The Metropolitan Police are facing questions today over the chaos at Wembley Stadium after 19 police officers were injured during violence before the Euros 2020 final.

Forty-nine people were arrested in London by officers policing the Euro 2020 final, the Met said.

The force added that 19 officers were injured "while they confronted volatile crowds".

Scotland Yard tweeted: "Our policing operation for the Euro2020 final is drawing to a close. Thank you to the tens of thousands of fans who had good spirits and behaved responsibly.

"We made 49 arrests during the day for a variety of offences. We will have officers on hand throughout the night.

"Frustratingly, 19 of our officers were injured while they confronted volatile crowds. This is wholly unacceptable."

Fans tussled with each other at the Euro 2020 final

Credit: Sam Holiday/Alamy Live News

Police officers monitor England supporters standing on the edge of Trafalgar Square during a live screening of the UEFA EURO 2020 final


The Metropolitan Police Federation, the body which represents thousands of London’s police, has criticised people who hurt officers after the match on Sunday evening.

In response to a tweet from the Met police force, which said that 19 officers were left injured, the Federation said: "These people should be ashamed of themselves. They are not fans. They are thugs. We wish our injured colleagues well."

Unbelievable footage of violence in Wembley tonight. A literal child gets punched by a full grown man and an Asian man is kicked repeatedly in the head by several people. Disgusting behaviour.

— Kyle Glen (@KyleJGlen) July 11, 2021

A minister has said that the fans who stormed Wembley Stadium to gain entry to the Euro 2020 final do not represent the majority of supporters.

Asked about security around the footballing event, junior minister Edward Argar told Sky News: "I think the police did a fantastic job and sadly we saw a number of police officers, as I understand it, injured last night and I think there have been 45 arrests made so far, and action will be taken against those who have perpetrated these offences, who broke the rules or broke the law.

"The police did, I think, a fantastic job – they know what they are doing, they know how to operationally police events.

"It is sad when a very small number of people, a tiny minority, bring the sport into disrepute by trying to do something like this.

"Again, I would say they are not reflective of the fans of our national game and our national team."

He added: "The police will take, I know, all action necessary against those who have been arrested where they can prove an offence has been committed."