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A hot air balloon crash-landed in a town centre in Nottinghamshire.

British Transport Police (BTP) said its officers gave out first aid in Sutton-in-Ashfield after the aircraft came to a halt at about 20:50 BST on Saturday.

Pilot Andrew Davidson, who brought the balloon down beside the Nags Head pub, said he had never experienced such a landing in more than 30 years of flying.

"It was untidy, but we were safe," he said.

Mr Davidson, who is chairman of the Nottingham and Derby Hot Air Balloon Club, said he was "anxious" to land before reaching the town as he was low on fuel, but he could not find an appropriate spot.

"Unfortunately there were a lot of power lines, livestock and crops that prevented me from landing any sooner," he said.

"At that point you just have to make sure you can keep control of the balloon so it doesn't just drift."

'Very unusual'

Roof tiles were knocked off the pub as the balloon descended and one of the four people on board suffered a bloody nose, Mr Davidson said.

He praised pub-goers for coming out to help and said the crash will be reported to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the British Balloon and Airship Club.

"This landing is very, very unusual – it's the first time I've ever done that, and I've flown hot air balloons for over 30 years," he said.

"I've never had one like that before, and I don't want one like that again.

"It was very interesting for the people of Sutton-in-Ashfield – I've seen some nice videos."

BTP Nottinghamshire confirmed its officers responded and offered first aid after the crash.

"This isn't something that happens very often," they tweeted.

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