Dogs debuted on the red carpet at Cannes as French police deployed specially trained canines to sniff out Covid-19 at the festival.

Film fans and the cinematic elite visiting the annual event on the Riviera will file past a pair of sniffer dogs posted at the entrance to the Palais where screenings are held, Cannes town hall has said.

The hounds handled by the local Municipal Police have been trained to detect Covid-19 through human sweat as part of a prevention program trialled in France.

Any guests on the red carpet who are singled out by the dogs, equipped with muzzles and leather police harnesses, will be alerted and directed to take a test for coronavirus.

Dogs were unveiled by the authorities at a testing centre near the marina in Cannes 

Credit: @villecannes

Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard said the accuracy of the dog’s detection was “very high”.

He added that small measures like the sniffer dogs would help reduce the need for greater measures “restricting freedom” to be taken during the festival period.

The dogs, thought to have a 94% accuracy rate in detecting coronavirus, were trained with others as part of a trial launched in February 2021.

Compresses of human sweat were used to teach the animals how to pick up the scent of the virus through perspiration.