A fifth of Britons believe a 10pm curfew should be enforced even after the Covid pandemic is over, according to a new poll.

The poll also shows a majority believe that face masks on public transport and social distancing in pubs and theatres should remain "until Covid is under control globally".

Nineteen per cent feel a 10pm curfew should become a permanent fixture of policy regardless of the virus, according to research carried out by Ipsos Mori for the Economist.

Ministers introduced such a curfew last September amid rising virus infection rates, and it was not repealed until the end of the second lockdown two months later.

Face coverings in shops and on public transport are to become a matter of personal choice as part of "Freedom Day", when legal restrictions around social contact are lifted on July 19.

However, 70 per cent of those surveyed said the use of masks in these settings should remain in place for a further month beyond the reopening, while 40 per cent believe they should remain in place permanently.

While nightclubs and casinos, which have been subject to enforced closure since the first virus restrictions were introduced last March, are also scheduled to reopen on July 19, a quarter of Britons said they should never do so.

Thirty-five per cent said travel quarantine measures – such as quarantine hotels and self-isolation – should remain in place permanently, regardless of the worldwide Covid situation.

It comes amid wider hopes that Britons will soon be able to enjoy fewer restrictions on international travel, particularly if they have been vaccinated, although almost seven in 10 said the current travel rules should stay in place for another month.

There is support from one in three for the continued use of the Test and Trace check-in system to monitor the spread of the virus even after the pandemic has ended. The use of check-in codes at hospitality venues will not be compulsory from July 19.