For many Americans, Independence Day celebrations include parades, family barbeques and fireworks displays.

But Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire Facebook founder, demonstrated his patriotism in a rather different way by posting a video of himself riding an electric surfboard while holding a star spangled banner, all set to the late John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’.

Quickly, the video went viral and Mr Zuckerberg has become an internet meme, with people on social media asking questions such as “where is Jaws when you need him?” and switching the song to ‘Rise of the Valkyries.’

The 37-year-old is understood to be in Hawaii, where he has a home, and is using what is thought to be a $12,000 eFoil board, which allows him to ride above the water, rather than on top of it.

The video has been mercilessly mocked on social media – including on Facebook and Instagram – which Mr Zuckerberg owns.

— Marjojo (@Marjojokin) July 5, 2021

Peter Helliar, an Australian television presenter and comedian commented: “He’s so out of touch he actually surfs above the water.” 

“Here is Mark Zuckerberg proving he’s not just richer than you, he’s more patriotic,” American blogger Matthew Yglesias said.

“Do billionaires become incredibly weird because of the money, or do they become billionaires because they’re incredibly weird? Because what the hell is this?” said British author and historian Greg Jenner.

Others edited the footage to place Mr Zuckerberg in a series of precarious scenarios.

— Marjojo (@Marjojokin) July 4, 2021

In one, a great white shark has its mouth agape just behind him, while in another, he has been superimposed onto the Jaws poster, hydrofoiling above the looming head.

Other more contemporary memes show Mr Zuckerberg charging out to the Gulf of Mexico to deal with the fire that has broken out at sea after a gas pipeline ruptured.

— Marjojo (@Marjojokin) July 5, 2021

The original video has been viewed more than eight million times and it is clear that Mr Zuckerberg has been hard at work practising his hydrofoil skills.

In a video posted in May the tech billionaire meandered unsteadily while wearing a full wetsuit, a life jacket and helmet.

He asked Hawaiian celebrity surfer Kai Lenny: “Am I doing this right?”

Hydrofoiling is a watersport where a surfboard is fitted with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water.

As the board gains speed it lifts out of the water and the drag is reduced to a minimum, allowing for much greater speeds and more efficient use of the wave power.

Mr Zuckerberg’s model appears to be electric, and can travel at speeds up to as 55kph and keep travelling for two hours.

It is not Mr Zuckerberg’s only hobby. 

Last month he posted a video of himself throwing a spear at a wooden target while wearing ear defenders. 

The footage, filmed in slow motion, was accompanied by the caption: “I have a particular set of skills” – a line from the film Taken.

In another video he rather impressively uses a bow and arrow to knock bowling pins off a table.