Britney Spears’ is reported to be retiring, after her longtime manager has decided to end his ties with the pop star citing her intention to stop singing professionally, according to media outlet Variety.

Larry Rudolph wrote in the letter to Jamie Spears and court-appointed care manager Jodi Montgomery that his "services are no longer needed" as Ms Spears had been "voicing her intention to officially retire," the report said.

Britney Spears, 39, has been under a conservatorship since she suffered a mental health breakdown in 2008, with decisions about her finances and personal care being managed by her father Jamie Spears. Last year, she began the legal process to remove him from handling her personal affairs.

Last month, the singer told a Los Angeles judge overseeing the arrangement that she wanted it to end. Ms Spears called the 13-year conservatorship abusive, saying she felt traumatised and angry and wanted her life back.

Jamie Spears is credited with reviving his daughter’s career after her life spiralled out of control in 2007-08. He is also a joint conservator of the singer’s finances.

Mr Rudolph, who had worked with the singer for over 25 years, said in the letter he had never been a part of the conservatorship or its operations. Mr Rudolph was not immediately available to comment on the Variety article and letter.

A judge earlier this month denied Ms Spears’s request to remove her father from his role overseeing her conservatorship, a week after the pop superstar delivered dramatic testimony calling for the end of the conservatorship.

Ms Spears told a court hearing in mid-June she was "not here to be a slave" and claimed that she was forcibly kept on contraception.

But in a filing dated June 30, a judge refused a request from November by the singer’s lawyer, Samuel Ingham, asking for Jamie Spears to be removed from his position managing the multimillion dollar estate.

When calling for Mr Spears to be removed in November last year, Mr Ingham said Ms Spears, 39, was scared of her father and wanted him gone from the conservatorship that has controlled her life since 2008.

In court filings, Ms Spears said she wanted private wealth management firm the Bessemer Trust appointed as "sole conservator". The judge denied that request.

However, that ruling was not a direct response to Ms Spears’ June court testimony. 

The judge cannot make a ruling based on her recent statement until she files a formal petition to terminate the arrangement.

This is not the first time Ms Spears has considered retiring. She first spoke about slowing down back in 2013 and again in 2018.