Boris Johnson is today expected to tell the country to use personal judgement when it comes to wearing face masks when restrictions are lifted on July 19.  

Some shops and public transport may enforce the wearing of face coverings, even though it would no longer be a legal requirement to do so. But with compliance already falling, without a legal underpinning, those rates could drop lower yet.

Telegraph readers have had their say on whether face masks should be left to personal responsibility, and whether they will continue to wear face coverings once they are no longer mandatory. 

Read on for the best discussion points from our readers and share your own view in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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‘Those who don’t wear masks will be made to feel selfish and irresponsible’

@Jane Scarfe, Norfolk

"My concern is that those who choose to wear a mask when and where it is no longer mandatory will make those who don’t feel selfish and irresponsible."

‘I will not wear a mask willingly’ 

@John Waine, Nuneaton

"I will not wear a mask willingly. If certain businesses and organisations choose to insist upon mask wearing, I will avoid them as far as possible. I think the government ought not to offer guidance, as that would encourage the ‘holier than thou’ gang to try to bully the rest of us."

‘We should still be strongly encouraged to wear masks indoors’

@Andy Fawkes, London

"We are still in a pandemic and we should still all be strongly encouraged to wear masks inside, just like we can’t smoke indoors in public spaces now, it’s just the same."

‘I feel quite safe without a mask’

@Peter Swann, Lee on Solent

"With both Covid jabs and the flu jabs I feel quite safe without a mask. It also helps with my lip reading."

‘We need to live with Covid’ 

@Nick Mason, Holbeach Fen

"It is now time to shake off this fear of Covid and live with it. If we do not do it now, I wonder if we ever will. 

"I will no longer wear a face covering once the regulations change. I will also avoid any businesses which continue to insist I do and take my custom and money elsewhere."

‘I can understand why some people may be hesitant to ditch face masks’ 

@Arman, London

"When the wearing of masks becomes optional, I do not plan to wear any form of face covering whether indoors, in crowded places or outdoors. As a university student I am waiting for nightclubs to open up and parties to become legal. I can understand why some people may be hesitant and decide to wear a form of face covering, but I’m young, at low risk from Covid, and I’ve had my first jab."

DO NOT USE where will you wear a face covering poll

‘I will be keeping mine on for at least another year’

@Shabari Shields, Southport

"I am fully vaccinated. I will continue to wear my N95 mask when I am out and about for the considerable future. I have worn a mask from the very start of the pandemic, despite the WHO first claiming ordinary citizens didn’t need to. 

"I do feel mask wearing should be compulsory for a considerable while yet as it is an effective protection for myself and others. However, I will be following Boris’ advice, using my common sense and keeping mine on for at least another year."

‘Covid has not gone away’

@Veronica Newman, Dorset

"It is very unwise to give people the option of whether to wear a mask depending on personal preference. As we approach a season of respiratory infections it should be mandatory to wear masks in enclosed spaces including on public transport and in shops. Apart from Covid this will prevent a lot of suffering during the coming months. 

"Covid has not gone away. It is busy mutating more strains and the best protection after vaccinations is to wear masks in confined spaces."

‘Wearing a mask has nothing to do with fear’

@Matthew Freedman

"Masks on public transport are fine. Some people have to use public transport so they should be protected. It has nothing to do with fear."

‘After the over 70s were vaccinated I took my mask off’

@Stuart Bate

"I wore a mask all year last year to make others feel comfortable. I’m under 60 and have no underlying heath problems but as soon as the over 70s were vaccinated I took the mask off and didn’t put it back on for anything. Every one of the rules that were imposed in venues and shops were ridiculous and had nothing to do with Covid."

‘If people want to wear a mask, I have no problem with it’

@Mark Hawkins

"Now the vulnerable have been vaccinated I don’t see the need for me to wear a mask to protect them. If they want to wear one, I have no problem with it. And if you have not taken up the offer of being vaccinated, that is also not my problem."

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