We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "animal crossing". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

image copyrightPatrick Dixonimage captionPatrick Dixon: "A squirrel on the DIY bird feeder my son made."image copyrightKaterina Iacovidesimage captionKaterina Iacovides: "Taking a break from my usual London-based photography work, I got lost taking photos in the wonderful countryside and came across these beautiful horses while walking in the Cotswolds. I needed a break from the city and really enjoyed being surrounded by the beauty of nature."image copyrightKerry Greenanimage captionKerry Greenan: "Giraffes crossing a river in Chobe National Park, Botswana."image copyrightErika Meisterimage captionErika Meister: "Fresh snow and fresh puppy tracks in the early morning hours."image copyrightAbby Richardsonimage captionAbby Richardson: "Making friends at the duck-pond in Perranporth in Cornwall."image copyrightRichard Hughesimage captionRichard Hughes: "Why did the goslings cross the road? To get to the other side and the safety of the lake away from the fast approaching doggy!"image copyrightMaggie Crouchimage captionMaggie Crouch: "After a previous encounter with a huge baboon, my friend was perturbed at the sight of a troop crossing the road."image copyrightSimon Manioraimage captionSimon Maniora: "Now that's what I call a real zebra crossing!"image copyrightJulian Jakuszimage captionJulian Jakusz: "Wildebeest crossing the Mara River, Tanzania."image copyrightTom Candalinoimage captionTom Candalino: "Part of a herd of bison crossing a stream in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA."image copyrightArpan Uzirimage captionArpan Uzir: "An elephant crossing the jeep trails inside Manas National Park in Assam, India."image copyrightRebecca Haughton-Jamesimage captionRebecca Haughton-James: "A group of fox cubs enjoyed playing in the garden when things were quiet. One was brave and came to the patio doors, looking like it wanted to come inside."image copyrightMichelle Smithimage captionMichelle Smith: "Dotty and Angus crossing paths is always a lively event."image copyrightFraser Crightonimage captionFraser Crighton: "Whilst on my way to work in the Overberg in South Africa. I got enveloped by a herd of sheep crossing my path."image copyrightHenry Matthiessen IIIimage captionHenry Matthiessen III: "Dinner bell has rung. Cows in their warm winter coats ply their way through fresh snowfall, making their way towards lunch."image copyrightPeter Lawranceimage captionPeter Lawrance: "This happy dog with his ball appeared to fly by."

The next theme is "under the stars", and the deadline for entries is 13 July 2021.

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