Downing Street has a fight on its hands to see who comes out as top dog. 

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, has taken delivery of a puppy called Nova, an eight-week-old red Labrador.

We know Dilyn, the Prime Minister’s Jack Russell, is territorial, and the pair will now have to share a garden at Downing Street. 

A No 11 source told The Sun that Mr Sunak finally caved in to the wishes of his children, who have been hounding him for months for a dog. 

"Rishi was fighting it but finally gave in, and the whole building is cooing over him," they said. 

Nova reportedly enjoys roast chicken and naps in the Chancellor’s red Budget box.

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Downing Street has historically always been a cat’s haven, outnumbering their canine companions. 

But now there are as many dogs as cats on Downing Street. 

It could spell bad news for the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office – Larry – whcih has served three prime ministers as the official 10 Downing Street cat, and the Treasury’s own moggy, Gladstone.

Whether it’s Nova or Dilyn that ends up as the alpha male remains to be seen, but the Prime Minister’s two-year-old terrier has been quite the terror since taking residence with the Johnsons.

A detail from a Dilyn-themed Christmas Card, issued by Number 10 in December

Credit: Andrew Parsons/No 10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister called for someone to shoot his dog after it chewed priceless books and furniture at Chequers and landed Mr Johnson with a four-figure bill, it was claimed.

Downing Street has remained tight-lipped about claims the mischievous dog had chewed chair legs, mounted valuable artefacts and urinated on carpets in Mr Johnson’s country residence.

Dilyn caused so much damage that Mr Johnson was forced to pay more than £1,000 for repairs, the Daily Mail reported.

A source told the newspaper Mr Johnson was meeting colleagues at the house when Dilyn “darted under the PM’s feet with an old book in its mouth”.

The Prime Minister shouted: “For God’s sake, I’m going to get another £1,000 repair bill! Someone please shoot that f—— dog!”, according to the source, who added: “I don’t think he meant it literally.”

Dilyn is the pride and joy of the Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie, who rescued it from the Friends of Animals Wales charity, and took it campaigning with her during the 2019 election.

The Jack Russell is also claimed to have cocked its leg against the handbag of a senior Tory aide in the garden of Number 10.

Katie Lam, who has now left the Government, was forced to rescue her bag and tell the dog off, which a source said made Mrs Johnson “very angry”.

Dilyn was a regular feature on the Prime Minister’s morning runs ahead of his secret wedding in May. It was pictured barking at members of the public, other dogs and swans on their jaunts.