Outraged residents set up a barricade of wheelie bins to prevent parents parking in their quiet cul-de-sac when picking children up from school.

Neighbours in Cleethorpes, north east Lincolnshire, staged a protest on Monday over anger at drivers repeatedly obstructing their driveways.

Elderly people living on Halton Place next to Cleethorpes Academy were being continuously blockaded in their own homes by motorists, councillors said. 

The school had been using an emergency access gate at the end of the road in order to implement a one-way system during the pandemic. 

But residents took matters into their own hands earlier this week by dragging wheelie bins across the entrance to Halton Place in a makeshift blockade and waving placards which read: “no school traffic”. 

Not everyone was impressed by their actions with concerned parents calling police to break up the blockade. 

One parent, whose child has special needs, commented: “It was chaos. They were out of order doing that. There is a pandemic on.

“My lad has special needs and needs to be picked up from the same spot every day otherwise he has a breakdown. 

“I don’t block anyone’s drive. It needs sorting.”

Cleethorpes Academy said they will continue to use the entrance at Halton Place

Credit: MEN media

Supporters of the protest claim the school had promised the one-way system would just be a temporary measure. 

Bob Callison, a conservative councillor for north east Lincolnshire, said: “When Covid broke out the residents were understanding because it was only going to be temporary.

“There are many around here who are elderly and they can’t get out of their homes or get the help they need."

Cleethorpes Academy said they will continue to use the entrance at Halton Place but stressed they were keen to find a “suitable solution” for everyone involved. 

Janice Hornby, the head teacher at the school, said: “Cleethorpes Academy has previously held discussions with councillors regarding Halton Place and we are keen to find a suitable solution for both the residents of Halton Place and the Academy. 

“The safeguarding of our students is our number one priority and my staff have been working with the police to ensure that students can leave the site safely.

“The Academy wishes to have good relations with all of its neighbours and the local residents and we consider ourselves part of a community.

“Therefore, I have asked parents not to park in Halton Place and under no circumstances to block the driveways of residents.”