Cole Page, pictured with his girlfriend Sarra Slimane, was disqualified for 12 months (Image: Cole Page/ Cavendish Press)

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A singer known as “Manc Sinatra”, who has entertained the likes of Bill Clinton and Kylie, has been slapped with a drink-drive ban.

Police received an anonymous tip-off that Cole Page, 57, had been drinking heavily whilst dining on oysters and seafood pasta at an upmarket Cheshire restaurant on a night out to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday.

Tests showed the divorced dad-of-two was eleven micrograms over the alcohol limit, reports the Manchester Evening News .

Page, of Chadderton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, who says he has performed for 'dignitaries from the worlds of politics, music and sport', later admitted drinking an 'inch' of red wine, lager shandy, and vodka and cola during his meal.

But he insisted he only became intoxicated at home following a row with make-up artist girlfriend Sarra Slimane, 35.

At Wigan Magistrates' Court he was found guilty of drink driving and was disqualified for 12 months. He was also fined £180 and ordered to pay £234 in costs.

Cole Page is known as the 'Swing King'
(Image: Cavendish Press)

The jazz singer, who calls himself the 'Swing King', is a well-known crooner at swish charity events and concerts and has been known to entertain VIPs such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Alan Shearer and Jonny Wilkinson

The incident took place on August 11 last year after Page drove Miss Slimane in his £40,000 127mph GLC car to meet friends at Piccolino's restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Anne Deakin prosecuting said: ''At 8.15pm an anonymous call was received by the police stating that this defendant was at the restaurant, was drinking and was going to drive home in his Mercedes.

"At 12.05pm, two officers attended the defendant’s address and saw his car parked outside. He was seen to take a sip from a bottle behind him.

''There then had to be 20 minutes between the last drink of alcohol and the breath test which was positive. The defendant was arrested and cautioned and was taken to the police station.

''He was asked if he had consumed any alcohol or other drink and he said 'half a bottle of vodka and a Heineken'. He stated he had gone to Piccolino at about 4:30pm with a group of friends to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

''While at the restaurant he had drunk a lager shandy, a glass of red wine and a vodka and coke. Then he went to a friend’s address, who lives around the corner, before he drove to his girlfriend’s address. They had an argument in the car on the way home.

"His girlfriend went straight to bed when they got to the address and he then said he drank about a quarter of a bottle of vodka and opened a bottle of Heineken. He took a mouthful when the officers attended at the front door.''

Cole Page had been out with his girlfriend, Sarra Slimane, to celebrate her birthday
(Image: Cole Page/ Cavendish Press)

Tests showed Page had 46 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35mg.

The singer, who denied drink driving, told the hearing: ''I arrived at the restaurant at 16:30, and I was the designated driver. It was my partner’s birthday but when drinks were ordered I had a lager shandy.

"One friend ordered a bottle of red wine and I had an inch in a glass. I was driving, as it was my duty for the evening. We had oysters between us and garlic bread then I had seafood pasta with more bread.

''I drank water throughout the meal and coca-cola although I did have a vodka diet coke early on in the evening. The fact is I was the designated driver and I wouldn’t have put my partner at risk.

'I am a singer and I work around the UK and the world, too. There is no way I would jeopardize my career. We left the restaurant at 9:30 pm and went to a friend’s house in Wilmslow where I drank coca-cola. My partner, Sarra, drank vodka-diet coke and was quite inebriated by this time.

''We left at 10.15pm and she was quite squiffy and we had a tiff in the car. She was tired and went straight to bed and when I got home, I opened the vodka.

"I was a bit upset because she went to bed and I must’ve drunk between a quarter and half of the bottle. I was drowning my sorrows then I opened the bottle of Heineken and took a sip.

He added: '''There was a knock at the door and I was surprised to find the police there. A lady police officer mentioned they had an anonymous phone call around about 8.30pm stating I was drink driving but at that time, I was still in the restaurant with my partner and other people.

''I was so surprised when they asked me if I had been driving. I said 'no' because I panicked. Then I realised I’d had a drink here and I apologised and said, 'yes, I did drive'. What I’ve said is a true and honest account of exactly what happened on that night. I wasn’t drink driving – I would not drink and drive.

”I am 58 this year and my life as a professional depends on driving. I have children too.”

In mitigation defence lawyer Jeremy Spencer said: ''Mr Page’s profession is a singer, and like most people in that industry, there is no work. He is in receipt of universal credit. His financial punishment should reflect that.”

Page who was charged under his real name Trevor Page was offered a place on a drink driving awareness course.