Dozens of babies have died or been left brain damaged owing to alleged negligence at one of Britain’s biggest hospitals. 

Nottingham University Hospitals Trust is currently facing at least a dozen clinical negligence claims by bereaved families with the organisation having paid out over £91 million in damages and legal costs since 2010.  

This includes 46 cases of babies left with permanent brain damage, 19 stillbirths and 15 deaths, according to the report from the Independent and Channel 4 News. 

During one delivery, a baby’s throat was cut during an attempt to free him and his leg was so bruised it had become blackened. 

The child, named Freddie, died soon after the birth with no post-mortem examination despite the traumatic injuries. 

In a separate instance, a baby died hours after being discharged from hospital despite the mother’s concerns that he had never cried or fed since birth.

Documents revealed by the Independent show that, in some instances, key medical notes were missing or never made, while others were completely inaccurate.

The trust failed to properly investigate some deaths for months and, in instances when it did, details were wrong or reviews were watered down by senior management to lessen the criticism.

Tracy Taylor, the chief executive of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We apologise from the bottom of our hearts to the families who have not received the high level of care they need and deserve, we recognise the effects have been devastating.

“Improving maternity services is a top priority and we are making significant changes including hiring and training more midwives and introducing digital maternity records.

"We will continue to listen to women and families, whether they have received excellent care or where care has fallen short; it is their experiences that will help us to learn and improve our services.”