Cemetery workers have been suspended after they filmed themselves joking around in a graveyard in TikTok videos shared online.

Several videos were uploaded to the social media platform which show "disrespectful" activities at the Nottingham Road Cemetery, in Chaddesden, over recent months.

One video shows a truck driving recklessly in the graveyard car park, while another video shows a group of people walking on the pathway of the cemetery with music from TV show The Walking Dead, played in the background, accompanied by white fog.

A third video from the same profile page shows two people moving a coffin inside a chapel with a plate reading "Step inside to see the future".

Derby City Council launched an investigation after the videos were brought to its attention and on Tuesday suspended three employees.

“Having viewed the footage, we were extremely disappointed to identify three members of our staff. We have acted swiftly and suspended them with immediate effect while we carry out a full investigation. No one currently working at the cemetery has been involved in these videos,” a spokeswoman said.

“We do not condone this kind of behaviour and we are sorry for the offence caused by these videos, which have now been deleted. We expect very high standards from our colleagues, and this has fallen far short of the professionalism shown by the majority of our employees.”

Chaddesden councillor Rob Cooper said the videos would shock many people who have loved ones buried at Derby City Council-run cemeteries.

"Those buried at Derby’s cemeteries rightly deserve to rest in peace; which all DCC employees should as a matter of course fully understand.

Derwent councillor Stephen Willoughby added: "I was disgusted by the videos. It shows a total lack of respect and sensitivity to those buried and their loved ones.

"Why people would want to behave in such a manner I will never know.”

Another Derwent councillor, Tracey Pearce, said: "The families of all those laid to rest at Nottingham Road Cemetery expect the cemetery to be a place of peace for their departed loved ones.”

Derby City Council has branded the material "insensitive and disrespectful".