Sarah-Jane Davidson has described how she stabbed, beaten and raped by her former partner

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A brave mum has described how she was raped 'countless' times and beaten on a daily basis by her former partner.

Sarah-Jane Davidson has revealed how Paul Hill, 55, stabbed her in the knuckle, burned her and forced her to stand at the foot of their bed until she gave in and had sex with him.

The beast deprived her of sleep and even drowned the family's pet parakeet during his reign of terror, the Daily Record reports.

Sarah-Jane, 39, from Dundee, said Hill even bit off the tip of her mum's finger after she stepped in when he abused a family member.

Hill raped Sarah-Jane two weeks after she gave birth to their son and forced her to have sex with him before allowing her to go to work.

Beast Paul Hill has been jailed for 15 years
(Image: Beast Paul Hill has been jailed for 15 years)

He was found guilty of five rapes against four women, including Sarah-Jane, and nine assaults on eight women – and was jailed for 15 years last December.

Sarah-Jane has now waived her right to anonymity in the hope of encouraging other victims of similar monsters to seek justice.

She was just 19 when she met Hill at a pub in the city.

Hill, from Aberdeen, then 35, had just lost his job as a bouncer – but turned on the charm and within weeks had moved in.

Sarah-Jane got an early warning of his other side during their first New Year’s Eve together in 2001 at a family gathering. Hill got drunk, became abusive towards a family member and when Sarah-Jane’s mum Patricia ­challenged him, he snapped.

Sarah-Jane said: “He was throttling her and as people tried to pull him off, he bit the end off her finger and my mum ended up in hospital.

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“I couldn’t believe it. I was in love with him and it had looked like he was trying to kill my mum.

“I asked him what the hell he’d been thinking, a big powerful guy like him attacking my mum. He put it down to drink and promised it would never happen again.

“He apologised to my mum and I begged her to drop the charges. She agreed to give him another chance.”

Just over a year later, Sarah-Jane was pregnant and the couple got engaged but things were about to get much worse. They had a row when she was about 38 weeks pregnant and Hill kicked her in the back, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs.

She said: “I was totally in shock. He said he didn’t know what came over him, it wouldn’t happen again.”

Their daughter Elise was born on November, 4, 2003, and Hill was a hands-on dad at first. But soon after Sarah-Jane was being beaten daily.

She said: “I would get battered if I put a CD back in the wrong place. Then he started to hit me in front of Elise, and the sorries all stopped. It was my fault.

“He said I’d let myself go, that I was fat, ugly, and no one else would want me. He also raped me ­countless times.

Hill pictured at the time of his reign of terror

“Being hit and being raped just became normal for me. Once when Elise was still a baby, he forced me to give him oral sex before he’d let me leave for work. Not happy with that, he pulled me up on the bed and raped me.

"I was crying to get him off but he didn’t care.”

Her worst experience, she said, came two weeks after she had given birth to their son, Saul, now 14.

“He came home drunk and raped me while Saul was in the Moses basket beside me.”

Hill took Sarah-Jane’s bank card and wouldn’t return it if she didn’t submit to sex. When she tried to refuse, he made her stand at the foot of the bed, depriving her of sleep although she was exhausted, until she gave in.

Sarah-Jane feels strongly about the law in domestic cases. She said: “He was allowed to tell the court that all the rape charges related to ­consensual sex.

“The jury found him guilty but in these situations, when women live in fear and are battered every day, they’re not consenting to have sex and abusers should not be able to claim they were.

“These women are being raped and trying to survive and keep their kids safe. I lived in constant fear.”

Hill was becoming ever more violent. He stabbed Sarah-Jane in the knuckle with a steak knife when he said he didn’t like his dinner.

He also took a pot of spaghetti bolognese off the cooker and threw it in her face, leaving her blistered.

She said: “He also strangled me once until I blacked out. I really thought I was dead. I saw my life flashing in front of me and was wondering who would look after my kids.

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“Maybe the worst thing of all was that he was hitting me every day in front of the kids and no child should go through that.”

Sarah-Jane was desperate to leave Hill but he warned her he’d find her and make her sorry. In May 2009, after staying with the children at her mum’s, Sarah-Jane went home to find Hill having sex with another woman. She went straight back to her mum’s.

She got a text from Hill telling her to go home or he’d kill the ­parakeets, Peggy and Polly. “Only Polly was in the cage,” Sarah-Jane said.

“I could see Peggy’s feathers in the kitchen sink. He’d drowned her and Elise was distraught. Polly was broken-hearted and died a month later.”

Hill finally left after Sarah-Jane packed his things into carrier bags and left them at the front door while he was out.

Sarah-Jane said: “Elise and I were really badly affected. Thankfully, Saul had been young and didn’t remember much. It took me a long time to trust anyone but I’m in a good relationship now with a good man.

“We tried to forget Paul but in May 2018, two police officers came to my door to ask if I knew him. I told them what my life with him had been like and I learned that a number of other women had reported him too.

“The allegations ranged from 1987, when I was a child, right up to 2017, almost a decade after I’d left him. By the time the case went to court, some of the women had dropped out because they were still terrified of him.”

Hill, who had moved to Ayr, was convicted of five rapes and nine assaults between 1987 and 2009.

Sarah-Jane said: “I want people to understand the horror women go through because of men like Paul, and how powerless they feel. I want to help other women come forward and to have the courage to speak out.”

Elise now wants to become a forensic psychologist so she can try to stop troubled people turning into monsters like her dad.

In a counselling session, she wrote a letter to her father saying she was taking her life back and telling him “goodbye forever”.

Sarah-Jane said: “I’m so proud of her, of both my kids, but we never want to see him again.”