Olivia Humphreys took her own life last year (Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

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A mum-of-four who was living in fear of her "abusive" ex-partner took her own life, an inquest has heard.

Olivia Humphreys, 26, had moved from Scotland to Salford, Greater Manchester, to be closer to her father, but was anxious that her ex would turn up at her house.

She struggled to cope with her young children and her fear meant she was scared of stepping outside her front door, an inquest heard.

On July 15 last year, Miss Humphreys took a lethal cocktail of tablets after penning her feelings in a diary.

She called 999 herself to stop the children from finding her, but paramedics were unable to revive her.

Her final harrowing entry in her diary read: ''Woke up feeling s**t again, I have no motivation.

"The depression on Sunday was too much. All my magic feelings have disappeared. The demon depression is back.''

Miss Humphreys lived in fear of her abusive ex-boyfriend, an inquest heard
(Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

The hearing in Bolton was told Miss Humphreys had settled in Irvin near Ayr, North Ayrshire, after moving there with father Paul Humphreys in 2001.

Mr Humphreys explained: ''At 16 she gave birth to her first child and has since had three more children.

"But the father of her children is someone who was extremely abusive towards her.

''He was involved in drugs and was behaving in a way that was manipulative by keeping her away from me. He was manipulative for his own agenda.

"She ended up having mental health problems because of the toxic relationship she had with the father of her children."

Mr Humphreys added: "There were times in her life where things became too much to bear so she used drugs and alcohol as a way of coping.

''I believe he got into her mind so much that she could not cope without him. She pushed herself away from me when I tried to offer to help.

"She had also self-harmed before when she was in Scotland, although they were probably cries for help, she needed support.''

The single mum wrote her feelings in her diary before taking her own life
(Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

The inquest heard Miss Humphreys ended her relationship with the father of her children in early 2020 and moved to the Salford area as she felt safer with her dad.

It is thought, however, that her ex turned up at a birthday party for one of the children in April last year.

Miss Humphreys sent her dad a message on Father's Day last year and she said she had taken a lot of tablets, Mr Humphreys said.

Mr Humphreys then went to Olivia's house with his wife and took his daughter to the hospital and his grandchildren home with him.

In a separate episode, social services called him to say Miss Humphreys had taken another overdose and that her four-year-old child had run outside the house and there was a near-miss with a car – which she felt guilty about.

Mr Humphreys said his wife remained with Olivia overnight and took her older children to school the next day.

The inquest heard Miss Humphreys had moved to the Salford area to be close to her father
(Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

At the time, Miss Humphreys said she was feeling great, she took a shower and put her make-up on, and according to the family, she did not seem upset.

Mr Humphreys said: "But by 1.30pm she started to take the tablets had a seizure and paramedics were unable to revive her.

"She left a note, although I do not think it could have been written in that time as it was 3 A4 sides of paper.

"She had no financial worries and would borrow money if she needed to buy things. She had something on her mind and no one was going to stop what she was doing."

Another entry on her diary, dated July 12, said: ''Feeling like s**t, completely exhausted. Kids talking to me like s**t, I am unable to look after myself, children are not going to sleep until 12 or 1am.

''They are physically hurting each other, why can I not cope? I am a parent, I am meant to be able to cope.

"Am, making crumpets and Nutella but have thoughts of putting a fork through my neck.''

Olivia Humphreys wrote a letter to explain the reasons of her suicide
(Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Maurice Noble chair of Salford Community Safety Partnership which helped Miss Humphreys said: “There were allegations of domestic violence and a review is taking place.

"It is clear that issues date back to her early childhood and events in her early childhood where she suffered low-level mental health depression and anxiety, which continued into her adult life and with her long-term partner, these issues were intensified.

“It appears she had difficultly coping with some of her life experiences which were impaired by her mental health and four very young children who she has to look after. She was dedicated to her children and considered their safety a priority, but that was compromised with her ability to look after her children in the way she wanted to.

“Clearly, she made a decision in early 2020 that she did not wish to continue in a relationship with her partner and instead she came to her family in Salford.

“There is a highly complex set of background including her parenting, mental and physical well-being, her family and the father of her children.''

Her father said Olivia's relationship with her ex was 'toxic'
(Image: Olivia Humphreys/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Amy Lawrence, a manager at Salford Home Based Treatment Team which helps people in a mental health crisis, said: ''She was struggling to cope with the children and had no real control.

“Her four-year-old ran into the road and she was frightened a car might hit one of her children. I went around on July 14. She was increasingly overwhelmed.

"She was saying she was anxious about the children's father coming from Scotland to support the children. She felt like she had no other choice.

“She had daily thoughts about ending her life but no plans to do this. Her home was in disarray but she was engaging well. She appeared to be flat and in a low mood and was struggling to cope with her children. She was fearful of going outside.

"There were flies and bin bags in the kitchen, it was a catalogue of serious stress.''

In her note, she was said to have expressed sorrow to her children and said she would ''be with her children everywhere they go'' and gave instructions for her funeral.

Recording a conclusion of suicide coroner Timothy Brennand said: ''Olivia had much to live for and wanted to be the best mother she could be.

''There is an awful lot of background to this which caused her anguish and depression and her father thought she had come to the end of the road.

"She had written a long, careful and thorough note which was addressed to her members of the family to explain why she did what she did.''

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