Some parents say children deserve as much as £20 for one tooth (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

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When children are young and their baby teeth fall out, they are told to pop them under their pillow at night in the hopes the tooth fairy will come and take it away, leaving behind treasure in its place.

That treasure, is usually a form of payment – but how much money should be given?

This was the question one mum innocently asked on Facebook recently and the response she received was shocking, reports The Sun.

Nicole Steel raised the issue on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group, writing: "My five-year-old came out of school earlier today over the moon she's finally got wobbly teeth! Two!!

"So… What's the going rate these days for the Tooth Fairy?! I've asked about and it seems to be either a couple of quid or £10.

"No in between. I remember getting £1 and a pick n mix for my first tooth."

How much should the tooth fairy pay when children lose a tooth? (stock photo)
(Image: Getty)

Thousands of people responded to Nicole's post, with some parents admitting the tooth fairy gives their children as much as £20 for one tooth.

However, others slammed this as an "obscene" amount and thought it should be more about the magic and less about the money.

One person commented: "20 quid first tooth, then a tenner, then a fiver then down to a couple of quid after that."

Another agreed, saying they also did the same.

A third defended giving her child getting that much money by highlighting how losing teeth is an "important milestone".

The mum explained: "I gave £20 for their 'first tooth' the £10 for the second and £5 for everyone after. I only gave £20 because I felt like it was an important milestone for them and wanted them to feel like it was really important."

However, the vast majority thought one coin under the pillow was enough and said their children only got £1.

Someone else proclaimed: “What? My kids got £2 for their first and £1 for each one since! £10 is b****y obscene."

A second stated: "£1.. it's about the magic, not the money.. isn't it?"

Others thought 50p was a good amount to give.

"Tooth fairy in our house only ever dealt in silver, like when I was a kid, we got 5p. Which means 50p in today's money. I could have afforded more but I actually think it rather spoils the magic. My kids had friends getting several pounds but seriously, upwards of £20 for a mouthful?"

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A different user pointed out how unfair it would be if one child received £10 from the tooth fairy, but another only got £1.

They added: "To all those who give £5 or £10 a tooth – please remember there will be some children in your child’s class who believe just as strongly in the tooth fairy but their families might not be able to afford that amount.

"Don’t give your child a large amount and let other children wonder why they didn’t get the same.”

How much does the tooth fairy leave your little one? Let us know in the comments below.