The day after video footage emerged of Matt Hancock kissing an aide in his ministerial office in a breach of coronavirus restrictions he quit as Health Secretary.

Images and video showed Mr Hancock in an embrace with aide Gina Coladangelo last month, and Conservative MPs told of how their inboxes had filled with complaints similar to those they received during Dominic Cummings’s infamous trip to Barnard Castle during a national lockdown.

The affair and his resignation prompted shock and mockery on the internet.

Here we take a light-hearted look at how the Twitterverse reacted. 

Mr Hancock’s letter to the Prime Minister announcing his resignation got a makeover.

loving matt hancock’s resignation letter

— Laur3n 📸 (@thequeenlar) June 26, 2021

Medical professionals also took aim at the now former Health Secretary’s behaviour during the pandemic.

Me at work v @MattHancock at work.

— Rachel Waters 💙 (@racheljwaters1) June 25, 2021

According to the Daily Express, Piers Morgan offered to give up both his kidneys in return for an interview with Mr Hancock.

Piers Morgan vows to ‘give both kidneys’ to interview Matt Hancock after scandal

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) June 27, 2021

A video Mr Hancock released apologising for his behaviour was compared to a scene from The Simpsons where Homer vanishes into the background.

wow was this intentional #MattHancock

— Tom Richardson (@TomRichardson) June 27, 2021

A spoof, created to the Friends theme song, reflected on highs and lows of Mr Hancock’s political career.

The Matt Hancock song 🎵 (FRIENDS version)

— ЯΞD PILL LΞD 🔎 (@Red_Pill_Led) June 27, 2021

There was also speculation as to where Mr Hancock’s belongings are now.

Last year Matt Hancock’s NHS staff were using bin bags to make PPE

Today they contain all his clothes in his front garden

— Ant (@M0kujin) June 26, 2021

And thoughts turned to what Mr Hancock’s next job may be.

Breaking news: Matt Hancock has turned down the job as Spurs manager. He thanked them for the opportunity, but said he’d embarrassed his wife enough already.

— ⱠØ₴₮Ø₵₭ Ⱨ₳ⱠⱠ ⱧɆ₦₲Ɇ (@Lostock_Henge) June 26, 2021

Matt Hancock on his way to the job centre on Monday knowing he voted to lower people’s benefits xo

— Lauren Aucutt (@laurenaucutt_) June 26, 2021

For those who had pre-ordered their Matt Hancock calendar, never fear…

to those asking yes the Matt Hancock calendar will still be coming out this year

— dave ❄️ 🥕 🧻 (@davemacladd) June 26, 2021

 And finally here is what the papers had to say

Summary of Sunday’s front pages (27/06/2021) #TomorrowsPapersToday #FrontPages #SundaysPapers #Headlines

— Tomorrows Papers Today (@TmorrowsPapers) June 26, 2021