Simon Edwards cannot wait to meet his dad Bob ‘The Colonel’ Sheridan (Image: south bedsnews agency_sbna_fairleys)

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A Brit who discovered his dad is a US boxing legend worth £200million says he 'doesn't care' about the money – and just wants to meet his real father.

NHS support worker Simon Edwards, who was adopted as a child, became the sole heir to Bob 'The Colonel' Sheridan's estate after finding out he was the commentator’s long-lost son.

The pair today revealed they are planning to meet for the first time in London later this year.

Bob – who has called 10,000 fights including Muhammad Ali’s 1974 ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ – plans to bring former heavyweight champs Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes along for the reunion.

Dad-of-two Simon, 41, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, told The Mirror in an exclusive interview: "I want to meet him, I don't care about the money or showbiz lifestyle.

Describing his son, Bob said 'he's a handsome devil, he looks like his daddy'
(Image: John Chapple /

"I didn't meet my birth mum and I've not met my birth dad yet. I don't really want to think about the cash because once I inherit it that means I've lost my dad.

"People are talking about the money like my dad is already dead, it's a bit sickening."

Simon, a football steward for Hitchin Town FC, is the result of a fling between Bob and Irish hotel manager Rosemary Ruane, who died when her son was just five. Bob left Ireland without knowing Rosemary was pregnant and Simon was adopted.

The incredible tale of how Simon discovered ‘The Colonel’ was his father made headlines around the world in March.

Bob, 77, who lives near Las Vegas and estimates his net worth at £200million, told The Mirror he discovered Simon was his son just half an hour after burying his wife on January 26.

Simon plans to open a strip club with the money he will inherit from his dad
(Image: south bedsnews agency_sbna_fairleys)

He said: "After the funeral I was distraught. I got home and had a pint of Guinness and then got a phone call from a government agency.

"They said 'Colonel, I've got some good news for you'. They told me I had a son.

"I lost my wife in the morning and gained a son in the afternoon.

"I thought it was the end of the world to lose a companion like my wife Annie. I had nothing to live for.

"Then all of a sudden I found out I had a son… now I live for the future.”

Bob, who claims to be worth £200 million, has already written Simon into his will
(Image: John Chapple /

Bob, who has no other children, is 'elated' to finally have someone who will inherit his riches and carry on his legacy.

He added: "I can't blame God for taking the love of my life away because on the same day he gave me my new love, my son."

The boxing legend has already written Simon into his will and they are currently speaking almost every day over the phone.

Although Simon – who has two girls, Keira, nine, Scarlette, five – does not like to think about inheriting his dad's millions, he has a few ideas on how to spend the money, including on a plan to open a strip club in Hitchin.

He said: "I'm going to set two daughters up nicely and I'll also sort out some friends and family.

Simon's mum Rosemary Ruane died when he was five-years-old
(Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)

"Hitchin is my hometown so I'll be pumping money into the football team – where I'm a steward – and the cricket club.

"I thought I'd love to have a sports bar with the football on and a horse racing bar.

"I also thought I'd open a gentleman's club so people can go watch the football and horse racing during the day and then go for a lap dance."

Bob is planning to visit London later this year to meet Simon, although the pair are already well acquainted thanks to video and telephone calls during the pandemic.

Remarking on their similarities, Bob said: "He's a handsome devil, he looks like his daddy.

Bob found out he had a son on the same day he buried his wife
(Image: John Chapple /

"He's exactly like me. His appearance is almost exactly what I used to look like. His eyes, nose, face and smile – it's all just like mine."

Bob added that his son also inherited his talent for sport, with Simon previously playing county cricket and football.

When he was younger, 'The Colonel' won a baseball scholarship to the University of Miami and also performed as a rodeo rider.

The pair are excited to meet later this year, with Bob promising to bring along Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes for the reunion.

'The Colonel' hopes to travel to Hitchin to see his son’s hometown, before they take a trip to Ireland together.

Bob was pals with boxing great Muhammad Ali and called his iconic Rumble in the Jungle fight
(Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)

Bob told Simon he will arrange for him to meet heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC superstar Conor McGregor when they are in Ireland.

The pair also plan to visit the grave of Simon’s biological mum Rosemary Ruane.

Bob told The Mirror that he had a 'love affair' with Rosemary while running a cattle operation in Ireland.

He said: "She was the manageress at the Shannon Shamrock Hotel and I met her there when I was single.

"She gave me a free room there whenever I wanted it because I spent so much at the bar. We talked a lot and were great friends and eventually had a love affair.

'The Colonel' has invited Simon to stay with him at his Nevada home
(Image: John Chapple /

"That must have been when Simon was conceived. She hadn't told me she was pregnant. She couldn't have an abortion as she was Catholic so she went to England and had Simon."

Bob said he never knew Rosemary became pregnant.

Rosemary, who died when Simon was just five years old, gave her son up to a Catholic adoption agency.

'The Colonel' said he was blown away when a government agency told him he had a son on the day of his wife's funeral – and that the child's mother was Rosemary.

He added that a DNA test had been carried out confirming Simon was indeed his biological son.

Bob had a love affair with Simon's mum when he was running a cattle operation in Ireland
(Image: John Chapple /

The truth only came to light after Simon decided to look into his family history.

He told The Mirror: “I had seen on my adoption records that my birth mum was from Galway.

“I contacted a Galway genealogist who put me in touch with one of my cousins and I spent the week with them.

“I met all of my mum’s sisters, it was like a reunion. They told me my dad was Bob Sheridan but I didn’t know who he was.

“At the beginning of the year I got an email from an aunty saying Bob Sheridan’s wife had died.

“She was friends with one of his family members and I sent him an email saying sorry for your loss."

The boxing commentator said he looked identical to Simon when he was younger

Bob contacted a friend at a government agency and asked them to establish whether Simon really was his son.

When the agency confirmed Simon was his child, Bob emailed him and asked to speak over the phone.

The chatted about their ‘favourite women’ and Bob’s life as a boxing commentator in their first call, Simon said.

Bob even invited his son to stay with him at his Nevada home, although their reunion plans have been held up by Covid restrictions.

Simon said he cannot wait to see the bright lights of Las Vegas and enjoy a few beers with his dad.

Bob has called 10,000 fights in his boxing career
(Image: John Chapple /

The football steward joked: “I said ‘can you get me hot chicks in Vegas’ and he said ‘I’ll get you the hottest birds you want’.

“I’m a party animal. People are saying ‘are you ready for Las Vegas?’ but the question is, is Las Vegas ready for Colonel Junior?”

Bob added: “He’s a ladies’ man like I used to be when I was single.

“If he goes through the casinos they will flock to him. Especially when they hear his British accent.

“He can live with me in my mansion when he comes here. I’ve got a cook and a maid living on my property.”

Simon's dad has promised to take him to the next big fight he commentates on
(Image: Getty Images)

Simon said that since discovering Bob was his father, he has pondered what life would have been like if he had grown up with him in America.

He said: “My life would have been under the Las Vegas lights, which would have been different. I would have been in the spotlight.

“I would have gone to the boxing shows and whether I wanted it or not I would have become a public figure.

“I think my life has been a lot quieter being adopted and living in England.”

Bob has promised to take Simon to the next big fight he commentates on.

The football steward tracked his biological dad down after reaching out to a genealogist
(Image: south bedsnews agency_sbna_fairleys)

He wants his son to be sat right next to him so he can get a taste of the ‘front row’ boxing experience.

“You get blood on you when you are that close. It’s the great experience and very few people in the world get the chance to do that,” Bob said.

“I’d love to share it with him and after the fight we could go out and have a few pints of Guinness.”

Bob has called 1,000 world title fights in his incredible career, including Muhammad Ali’s iconic 1974 ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with George Foreman.

Despite suffering eight heart attacks, the boxing legend is not worried about dying before meeting his son in person.

He said: “The lord wouldn’t have brought us together to have me die before we meet, that’s not the ending to this story.

“We will meet and ride off to the West.”