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1. Confusion deepens as new ‘watchlist’ leaves foreign holidays in limbo

Ministers were on Thursday night accused of making summer travel more "complex and confusing" after warning holidaymakers that their trips could be scuppered at the last minute.

The Government announced that 14 destinations – including the holiday islands Mallorca, Ibiza, Malta and Madeira – would be opened up, allowing holidaymakers to travel to them from 4am on Wednesday without having to quarantine on their return. Read the full story.

2. Rishi Sunak: I’ll stop wearing a face mask as soon as I can

Rishi Sunak has said he will stop wearing a face mask "as soon as possible".

The Chancellor was the second Cabinet minister to hail the end of the legal requirement to wear face coverings after George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, said he was looking forward to the moment.  Read the full story.

3. EU immigration to the UK underestimated by 1.6 million

EU immigration to the UK was underestimated by more than 1.6 million between 2012-2020, it has emerged, after the ONS revised its methodology to produce new figures that dwarf previous estimates.

Previous immigration figures were based on surveys contributing to a model known as Long Term International Migration (LTIM), which now appears to have wildly missed the mark. Read the full story.

4. Dominic Raab warned MoD about Royal Navy’s Crimea plans

Dominic Raab raised concerns about the Ministry of Defence’s plans for a Royal Navy warship to sail through contested waters around Crimea this week, The Telegraph has learned.

The Foreign Secretary warned in advance that Moscow could seek to exploit HMS Defender’s voyage through the Black Sea under the route proposed by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, it is understood. Read the full story.

5. Watch: At least 99 missing after Miami building collapses

At least 99 people were unaccounted for on Thursday night with many feared dead after the collapse of a 12-floor oceanfront apartment block near Miami Beach in Florida.

One person was confirmed killed but there were fears of a much higher toll as rescuers combed through the rubble for victims. At least 10 people have been injured and 35 people were pulled from the debris. Read the full story.

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