Jasmine Hartin, the ex-partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son, has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of common assault after trying to gain entry to the hotel complex in Belize they used to share with their two children.

The Canadian socialite, who is awaiting trial over the shooting dead of a police officer on the island of Ambergris Caye, was detained and held overnight by police when she answered bail.

The 32-year-old, who has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, was filmed trying to get into the hotel complex where Andrew Ashcoft lives with their two children.

The family has invested heavily in the local area, and run the new Alaia hotel resort in San Pedro.

In a series of video clips posted online, Ms Hartin could be seen pleading with a security guard to be allowed in to collect some possessions and see the children.

It is understood the video footage was posted on Facebook by her mother Candice Castiglione.

Ms Hartin can be heard saying: “I’m trying to come in to see the kids and to get my things, I’m not breaking any court order. 

"There is nothing that says I have no access to my children and nothing that says I have no access to my property. I still own half of it.”

The security guard could be heard telling her that she needed permission from "the boss", to which she replied: “I am the boss. We both own it. Open the gate and let me get my personal things.”

After being allowed into the hotel property Ms Hartin could be seen challenging Mr Ashcroft telling him: “Why won’t you let me see my kids, Andrew?” 

Hours later when she reported to the police station to answer her bail conditions, she was reportedly arrested and held overnight.

Supt Henry Jemmott was shot dead in Belize in May

Ms Hartin is awaiting trial over the killing of Superintendent Henry Jemmott, her close friend who was shot dead on May 28 while sitting on a pier near the hotel complex.

She has reportedly told police that Supt Jemmott had been showing her how to load his revolver when it went off.

The body of Mr Jemmott, who had five children and had been a police officer for 24 years, was found in the water with a single bullet wound to the head on May 28.

Ms Hartin was discovered on the pier in a distressed state and covered in blood, according to police.

As part of her bail conditions, Ms Hartin must surrender her travel and other personal documents and will not be allowed to leave the country without the permission of the Supreme Court. She must report to the police station in San Ignacio Town every day.

Under Belize’s criminal code, the maximum prison sentence for manslaughter by negligence is five years.