A video has surfaced of Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer, being abused in the street by an anti-vaccination protester.

The video, originally shared on a Facebook Live by the protester, shows Professor Van-Tam being abused as he entered the Ministry of Defence building on Tuesday.

Geza Tarjanyi, 60, from Leyland, Lancashire, asked Professor Van-Tam "What was really in that needle that you put into Matt Hancock?" referring to the Health Secretary receiving his first Covid-19 vaccination in April.

He also asked: "Why are you continually lying to the British people? Why are you smiling? This country’s supposed to be in the worst pandemic of all time." 

Professor Van-Tam replied: "It is."

Mr Tarjanyi continued: "And you keep lying to the people. So, Chris Whitty never speaks to me. Do you think you’re brave enough to speak to me, and explain to the British people why you’re lying to them? 

"Why you’ve crushed their economy, lies after lies. Why have you prohibited hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin? Is this true or not? Why of all the people in the NHS were you administering the vaccine to Matt Hancock?"

Downing Street has condemned the abuse, with the Prime Minister’s official spokesman saying: "People working to fight the pandemic and save lives, which is what Professor Van-Tam is doing every single day, should never face that kind of appalling behaviour for doing their job. 

"The right to free speech is fundamental to our democracy, but violence, threats or intimidation is absolutely never acceptable." 

The altercation comes three weeks after Mr Tarjanyi also targeted Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, in the street and accused him of lying to the public.

Mr Tarjanyi has become a prolific online figure for his opposition to 5G mobile networks, fracking, mask-wearing and other public health measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.