ESR has launches the first-of-its-kind HaloLock™ System

The biggest announcement about Apple iPhone 12 last year was neither its “new” design or its 5G compatibility. Nor was it the new camera block.

No, it was Magsafe, the handset's new magnetic wireless charging technology – an innovation that has greatly inspired company's like ESR.

But, what is exactly MagSafe?

Magsafe was by far the most exciting and interesting announcement of the last iPhone Keynote in October 2020. The principle is as simple as it is brilliant: a wireless charging technology that is magnetised.

The iPhone 12 (but also all future iPhones, and undoubtedly others Apple upcoming products) has a magnet on its back, this allows users to adjust their phone perfectly on a wireless charger in order to optimise charging.

So the basic idea is great, but Apple hasn't gone very far with Magsafe, offering until now just a few cases and a wireless charger that are compatible with this new technology.

This is why ESR decided to launch the first-of-its-kind HaloLock™ System – a full line of MagSafe-compatible accessories that brings “Power in a Snap” convenience to your home, office or car.

Bring extra convenience to your home, office or car

“When Apple incorporated MagSafe into the iPhone 12, we believed this had huge potential to transform how people interact with their phones”, said ESR CEO Tim Wu.

He adds, “We saw a future MoT (Magnetism of Things), and with that in mind, we created an innovative MagSafe-compatible car charger in 2020, and have now developed a whole ecosystem of magnetic accessories that reimagine what MagSafe can do.”

ESR hope its products help transform how people interact with their phones

Expanding Real-World Use

The ESR HaloLock™ System takes MagSafe further by adapting it to new places or giving it totally new functionality; opening up more possibilities for how users can integrate their phone into daily life.

  • HaloLock™ Car Charger : first to take MagSafe charging on the road
  • HaloLock™ Kickstand Charger : transforms from pad to stand on demand
  • HaloLock™ Desktop Charger : adjustable at 4 points for nearly limitless configurations

To accommodate MagSafe charging, ESR HaloLock™ offers a variety of iPhone 12 cases including the MagSafe-certified Cloud series, the clear Sidekick series and the sharp Metro series.

ESR will develop even more accessories for the forthcoming iPhone 13 and other smart devices

The HaloLock™ System will continue to expand with the addition of accessories for iPhone 13 and other smart devices.

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