Users of social media platforms including Snapchat and Tik Tok will be able to upload virtual NHS stickers to show they have been vaccinated as part of a Government Covid-19 vaccination drive for the over-18s.

The leading social media platforms, which also include Reddit and YouTube, have signed up to a partnership aimed at further accelerating the final stages of the UK’s vaccine programme.

Snapchat users will now be able to share on their accounts NHS stickers, a filter, and later this month an augmented reality lens which will read "I’ve had my vaccine".

The app is also hosting a series of question and answer sessions with medical experts on the Prime Minister’s snapchat account.

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Meanwhile, TikTok has also added NHS vaccine stickers to its library for users to share, and is working with Team Halo – a group of scientists using the platform to provide the latest information on vaccines with entertaining and shareable videos.

The community network platform Reddit has hosted two live Q&A sessions on its coronavirus forum, featuring experts answering a range of questions.

While YouTube has rolled out a video campaign with the tagline ‘Let’s Not Go Back’, which is aimed at its viewers aged between 18 and 34 to remind them of the impact that lockdowns have had on their lives.

The campaign is running on YouTube’s website, on social media, billboards and on bus stop advertising.

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It comes after more than 700,000 Covid-19 vaccines were booked on Friday when the NHS vaccination programme was opened up to those aged 18 to 20.

People in England made 721,469 appointments through the national booking service, more than 30,000 an hour or more than eight every second, Public Health England said.

Commenting on the social media partnership on Sunday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "I am delighted that Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube – some of the biggest social media platforms – are coming together to support the most successful vaccine effort in NHS history.

"The vaccine programme has put us on the road to recovery and I urge everyone to come forward for the offer, roll up their sleeves and join the millions that already have the fullest possible protection from two doses."