We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "in my hand". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

image copyrightSyeda Arzu Wastiimage captionSyeda Arzu Wasti: "A Japanese lady I had never met placed these symbols of good fortune and longevity in my hand, and disappeared."image copyrightKevin Sivakumarimage captionKevin Sivakumar: "During a trip to Chicago with my friend, we were in awe of the gigantic buildings and city views, while everyone else was in awe of their smartphones, lost in their own worlds."image copyrightOliver Kupferschmidtimage captionOliver Kupferschmidt: "A freshly-hatched lizard explores the outskirts of Berlin in early summer. Photographed in a girl's hand."image copyrightWilliam Woodimage captionWilliam Wood: "My son's hand griping my thumb, displaying a newborn's grasp reflex. My hand surrounds his hand and my thumb."image copyrightLinda Roweimage captionLinda Rowe: "The Shard in my hand."image copyrightMeg Blackerimage captionMeg Blacker: "From an old series I created for the Seven Deadly Sins. This was taken on black-and-white film and then tinted digitally."image copyrightNicholas Kasperimage captionNicholas Kasper: "I had the idea for this photograph while my wife and her sister were socially distancing in our back garden over a cup of tea, the week before Christmas."image copyrightJohn Leahimage captionJohn Leah: "This juvenile wren flew into my house but couldn't escape. I gently picked it up and took it to the window, held my arm out and opened my hand for it to fly away. But it just sat there seemingly content with us looking at each other – so long, in fact, that I had time to reach for a camera and take this shot before Jenny and I eventually parted company."image copyrightPaul Kempimage captionPaul Kemp: "A collection of miniature shells on a beach in Queensland, Australia."image copyrightRobert Hornerimage captionRobert Horner: "This was a sculpture at the entrance to Yvoire, a beautiful medieval village in the Haute Savoie on the southern shore of Lake Geneva. The sculptures are changed regularly, but this was special with the flower between the thumb and forefinger. The castle's kitchen garden is open to the public, and is called Le Jardin des Cinq Senses."image copyrightChris Fawcettimage captionChris Fawcett: "This picture of my now six-year old son was taken when he was a month old and a lot lighter than he is now."image copyrightPrerna Jainimage captionPrerna Jain: "Adorned with Henna."image copyrightDavid Morganimage captionDavid Morgan: "Super son and supermoon, taken in Bushy Park."image copyrightPaul Wardimage captionPaul Ward: "Meeting friends in the park, life getting back to normal."image copyrightMann Marie-Claireimage captionMann Marie-Claire: "I took my nine-year-old daughter to a modern art exhibition near our home in Paris and she was thoroughly bored. But when we got home, she took this photo of her own artistic creation and said: 'I'm an artist too!'"image copyrightPiers Casimir-Mrowczynskiimage captionPiers Casimir-Mrowczynski: "Unbeknown to us, taken by our daughter during a family walk."

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