‘When the going gets tough, Boris Johnson gets dirtier’, Kevin Maguire writes (Image: Getty Images)

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When the going gets tough, Boris Johnson gets dirtier.

The charlatan stung by a blue wall defeat in Chesham and Amersham isn’t bound by any moral or legal code.

He’ll do whatever it takes to cling to power, abandoning if necessary the North by levelling off programmes to appease comfortable Nimbys and overcome Southern discomfort in the Tory heartlands.

This selfish Prime Minister’s irreducible core is whatever is best for him, never the country as a whole.

So changes to planning rules that would lead to more houses being built will be sacrificed to satisfy Home Counties home owners with views they want protected.

'He’ll do whatever it takes to cling to power', Kevin Maguire writes

Low rates of Capital Gains Tax profiting wheelers and dealers will be defended instead of raising £14billion for schools and hospitals.

Parliamentary boundaries will be swung in favour of a Conservative Party already benefiting from a system producing one MP for every 38,300 votes when Labour needs 50,800.

Turnout will be suppressed by voter ID, an answer in search of a problem.

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Unions will remain shackled and demos banned, VIP lanes kept open for the chumocracy’s Tory donors. And culture wars will be ignited to divide and rule, threats to statues and free speech imagined to distract folk from real injustices and betrayals.

A Johnson brazenly breaking an aid promise, a PM who lies repeatedly about Brexit and threatens to break treaties before the ink’s dry, is a cheat and a liar. And he doesn’t care. Nor until now did many voters.

Johnson is at his most dangerous with his back to the wall when he will stop at nothing.

The vaccine bubble starts deflating and a man seemingly untroubled by the Covid lives needlessly lost will double down.

The battle to scrutinise and hold him to account won’t be pretty but it is unavoidable.

Chesham wasn’t just scales falling from the eyes of Tory voters. His MPs can also see he’s a liability.

Liars are found out in the end.