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The Greek pilot who admitted killing his British wife after claiming robbers murdered her gave away chilling signs he was lying, a body expert has claimed.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, is believed to have suffocated Caroline Crouch then placed their baby next to her dead body to try to make a convincing fake crime scene at their home in Glyka Nera, Athens, on May 11.

He is also claimed to have killed their pet Husky puppy and tied himself up to add strength to his story that his family had been tied up, and gagged by robbers who strangled Caroline before fleeing with £10,000 cash.

But in a sensational twist, he confessed to killing his 20-year-old wife after he was interrogated by police in Athens for more than eight hours.

Beforehand Anagnostopoulos had conducted harrowing TV interviews begging anyone with information to come forward.

Anagnostopoulos conducted harrowing TV interviews

But his efforts to conceal the truth to the world have now been revealed by a body language expert Judi James.

Judi has highlighted three main giveaways as the apparent heartbroken widower poured his heart out in front of the cameras.

She said he kept a cool head and "steered clear of the kind of emotional breakdown that people might have been expecting".

She told Sun Online: "His ability and his apparent keenness to talk about the murder in front of an intimidating jostle of press might have seemed unfeasible, but it could also have been seen at the time as brave."

When Anagnostopoulos spoke about the robbery Judi said he "promoted himself as the heroic avenger of his wife’s death" but as he spoke more indepth about events "he performs more eye cut-offs, looking down rather than straight ahead".

Anagnostopoulos with his wife Caroline Crouch
(Image: Babis Anagnostopoulos/Instagram)

Judi revealed this is a method of hiding something or in the case of genuine grief a way of holding back your tears.

The renowned body language expert said rather than fake tears Anagnostopoulos chose to give the impression he wants the 'killers' caught.

But Judi said Anagnostopoulos mask slightly slips when reporters ask him about the moment he learnt his wife was dead.

She said he pauses as he makes his way to a waiting car he has one hand on the door as though keen to answer the question – but he speaks 'at speed with no change in his tone'.

Anagnostopoulos is seen shrugging his shoulders which is a sign of a lack of care.

Anagnostopoulos confessed to killing his 20-year-old wife
(Image: Babis Anagnostopoulos/Instagram)

In another giveaway sign, Judi said Anagnostopoulos makes a "tongue-poke" to suggest "rejection or disgust" when talking about the cash he claims was stolen by the robbers.

Judi also claims Anagnostopoulos displays "some micro-grimaces that again suggest anger".

She added: "He talks quickly and, apparently, fluidly and urgently as though keen to tell his story.

"It could have occurred naturally in a ‘heroic, brave’ state but it can also be easier to replicate than grief if there is a performance going on as most people have experienced anger first-hand and so find replicating it easier."

Police have described Babis as a "top class actor" after staging the elaborate crime scene and keeping up with the twisted act as the grieving widower for more than a month.

The 33-year-old is a helicopter pilot
(Image: Babis Anagnostopoulos/Instagram)

But Judi says Anagnostopoulos' emotionless interview could be because of his job and the calm demeanour it requires.

Anagnostopoulos' account started to unravel when police found no evidence of other people having been in the home.

Evidence from Caroline’s smartwatch is said to have revealed she died earlier than Anagnostopoulos had claimed.

Data from his phone allegedly showed that he had been moving around when he claimed he was tied up, police added.

Detectives flew to the island of Alonissos on Thursday, where Anagnostopoulos was mourning Caroline.

Anagnostopoulos appeared in an Athens court on Friday wearing a bulletproof vest and handcuffs

Minutes before they arrived he was snapped hugging mother-in-law Susan Dela Cuesta at the victim’s grave.

According to one report, Greek police chief Petros Tzeferis said Anagnostopoulos told them: “I tied myself up.

“I did everything because when I realised I killed her, I thought of my child.”

He faces charges for two crimes and two misdemeanours, including intentional homicide and animal abuse, reports claim.

Anagnostopoulos appeared in an Athens court on Friday wearing a bulletproof vest and handcuffs.

His lawyer Vassilis Spyrou said his client told him: “I am sorry. I want to be punished for what I did.”