Scotland v England at Euro ’96 – Gary McAllister of Scotland.

When the two home nations rivals prepare to face each other, many cannot help but look back at famous games gone by between the two.

Having faced each other a grand total of 114 times, England and Scotland are no strangers on the international stage.

Scotland will be hoping to end their 21 year wait to get a victory over the Auld Enemy at Wembley on 18 June, but despite their losses, there has been many a memorable Euros clash between the two sides.

The clash between the two rivals at Euro 96 remains a haunting memory for many Scots, with both teams drawing 1-1 in their previous group games causing the heat between the two to grow greater than ever.

What followed was a pivotal halftime substitution, missed Scottish opportunity and an iconic celebration.

England manager, Terry Venables, brought on a youngster who had an immediate impact, playing a crucial role in the buildup to England's first goal just eight minutes into the second half.

Despite this, the Scots were not dismayed, and continued to press and earn themselves a penalty.

Can you remember England's lineup against Scotland at Euro 96? Take our quiz below or here to find out.

Gary McAllister stepped up to take the kick, the hopes of his nation resting on his shoulders.

What followed, though, was a moment etched into the nightmares of all Scottish supporters.

As McAllister began his run, the ball rolled, giving the England keeper the opportunity to dash the hopes of the Scots and keep the home side ahead at Wembley.

Just 90 seconds later, England worked the ball away with their midfielder scoring a volley that England fans will remember forever, many lauding it as the goal of a generation.

The celebration that followed is also etched into every football fans memory, as the players sprayed water into the mouth of the goalscorer.

You will recall that and the fact the Three Lions claimed victory against the Scots at the European Championships with a 2-0 win, but can you remember who was part of that famous starting 11? And for extra added difficulty, which substitutes were used?

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