A mum-of-five Donna Binns felt like she ‘was going to die’ while in hospital with the Delta variant of coronavirus (Image: Donna Binns WS)

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A mum-of-five has told how she felt she was dying with Covid-19 and warned people the virus is still "very real".

Donna Binns, 40, said she felt like her "chest was being crushed" and like she had been "poisoned" while in hospital with the Delta variant of coronavirus.

She has been ill since May 17, when she first contracted the virus and became seriously ill.

The Delta variant, first identified in India, has taken over from the Kent strain as the most dominant in the UK.

It has been spreading rapidly across England and has therefore played a key factor in the government's decision to delay ending lockdown by four weeks.

Donna, who has now been discharged from hospital, said the virus felt like a mere flu at first, Manchester Evening News reports.

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Donna said she felt like her 'chest was being crushed'
(Image: Donna Binns WS)

Yet eight days into her illness, she was struggling to breathe and was taken to hospital via an ambulance.

Medics at Stepping Hill Hospital carried out a chest X-ray, confirming that the mum had Covid-19.

She was sent home, but on day 11 of her illness she collapsed at the bottom of the stairs.

Her husband Andy called an ambulance and she was rushed back to Stepping Hill.

"My breathing became very shallow because I felt like I had no oxygen, " she explained.

"It feels like your chest is being crushed. It's the scariest thing I have ever been through."

The mum-of-five is still suffering the consequences of the virus ripping through her
(Image: Donna Binns WS)

Tests confirmed that her oxygen levels were extremely low, and she was placed in a room by herself.

She was swabbed for the Delta variant of coronavirus, which was first identified in India.

"They told me that the level of infection in my blood was well over the odds," said Donna.

"There weren't any Covid wards open when I was admitted for the second time, so at first I was in a side room on my own.

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"I was swabbed for the Delta or Indian variant, as people were calling it at the time, and tested positive.

"After a week the Covid ward was re-opened and I was moved onto there.

"Even though I was on oxygen it started to affect my bladder, liver and kidneys.

"I think that's why I felt so poisoned by it. I couldn't walk or hardly talk because I was so breathless.

"I actually rang my brother and told him I thought that I was dying. I was traumatised by what was happening."

Donna, who owns Kiddiwinks Nursery in Woodley, spent two weeks in hospital before she was stable enough to go home on June 8.

All but one member of Donna's family contracted the virus after her
(Image: Donna Binns WS)

Doctors warned her that it could take three months for her to fully recover.

The mum-of-five, who had not had her first jab when she fell ill, is still breathless and now suffering from brain fog.

Her husband Andy, and four of her children, Bradley, six, Skye, nine, Jayden, 11 and Amber, 12, all tested positive for the same strain, while her eldest son, Arron, 20, tested negative.

Andy, 46, and Amber had symptoms but recovered relatively quickly as Donna became more and more ill.

Donna's kids sometimes 'stare at me wondering what's happened', the mum said
(Image: Donna Binns WS)

There have been no confirmed cases at the couple's nursery. Donna, who acts as director, had not been to Kiddiwinks before or during her illness so as not to interfere with the staff and children's bubbles.

She admits being previously naïve about the virus, and now wants to warn people of the seriousness of the Delta variant.

She added: "I want people to realise that this virus is still very real and can make you so ill.

"I think it's really brought it home to my friends and family how serious it can be. I have had all the symptoms and I'm still on a cocktail of medication.

"I can see the kids staring at me sometimes wondering what's happened to me.

"My eldest daughter has been amazing – she's been looking after me and doing my hair. It really does put life in perspective."