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Nintendo has shown off some great games at E3 this year, but the one everyone was waiting for was any more information on the sequel to the incredibly popular The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Expectations have been incredibly high due to this year marking the 35th anniversary of the iconic franchise with many hoping for remakes, ports of older games and new titles in the series.

The original The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was released for the Ill-fated Wii U and the Nintendo Switch back in 2017. The game has proved wildly popular and was won multiple game of the year awards.

Flying could play a big part of Breath of the Wild 2
(Image: Nintendo)

The previous teaser trailer released in June 2019 and shows what appears to be the mummified yet living remains of series antagonist Gannondorf awaking and appears to tell and much darker themed story.

Currently only referred to as Breath of the Wild 2 the new Zelda game has no subtitle yet.

Breath of the Wild's new trailer was announced by Series Producer Eiji Aonuma who has worked on all the Legend of Zelda games since Ocarina of Time.

Series Producer Eiji Aonuma also announced a new Zelda Game and Watch
(Image: Nintendo)

Eiji Aonuma also introduced the New DLC for the Zelda spinoff, Hyrule Warriors: Wave 1 Pulse of the Ancients and Wave 2 Guardians of Remembrance.

He also revealed a new Zelda edition of the small, Game and Watch portable, much like the Super Mario edition Game and Watch released last year.

Before showing the brand new trailer he mentions that:

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"2 years have passed since we first announced this game and we've been unable to share anything with you in that time, However, development has been steadily progressing."

The new trailer today shows only a little more of risen Gannon, Zelda appearing to fall but then cuts to Link falling in a scene very reminiscent of The Wii game Skyward Sword but without a Loftwing in sight to rescue Link but it giving off serious Ghibli vibes.

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Many fans were originally disappointed when they heard the new game will use the same map as the previous game however, with the added flying elements illustrating parts of the game will take place in the sky, with floating islands and rising, menacing Hyrule Castle.

The new footage also shows some mystical, new technology unlike the advanced Sheika tech we say in the last outing, could this belong to the Zonai, the mysterious prehistoric, barbarian race whose ruins we see in the previous game?

is this some so far unseen Zonai technology
(Image: Nintendo)

A new twist on Talus rock monsters, which now have Bokoblins outposts on them were also shown acting like a walking weapons platform.

The glowing arm for the last trailer was also seen again and seems to be the key mechanic for the game acting much like the Sheika slate in BOTW1.

We see Link use the arm to manipulate the flow of time on a spiked ball heading towards him, shoot fire in a cave or underground temple, and most interestingly we see Link use it to drip upwards and phase through rock as a means of travelling upwards.

The mysterious, magical arm from the previous trailer makes another appearance
(Image: Nintendo)

It is unclear if Link will still have the Sheika Slate from the last game or any of the champion ability like Daruks Protection, Mipha's Grace, Urbosa's Fury and what would be the most usefulRevali's Gale.

We then see Ganon's Malice ignite and raise Hyrule Castle from the ground in a more dramatic depiction of what we saw from the 2019 trailer.

The menacing Hyrule Castle is launched into the sky by Gannon's malice
(Image: Nintendo)

We then see a sunset as the castle remains above the ruins of Hyrule. The release date has been announced for 2022 and fans are already very excited for the game.

There is also much speculation that the new Breath of the Wild will be released for an as of yet unannounced new Nintendo Switch console that will support 4K.

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This is because of the trailers impressive visuals, especially when compared to the original BOTW. When talking about Zeld's 35th anniversary sadly Eiji Aonumaalso stated "we don't have any other campaigns or Switch games planned" which is dash the hopes of some fans.

But thew Skyward Sword HD, The Zelda edition Game and Watch, Age of Calamity DLC's and Breath of The Wild 2 on the horizon it's a great time to be a Zelda fan.