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1. PM will urge public to accept ‘one last heave’ to freedom as he gets set to delay June 21

Boris Johnson is set to urge the public to accept “one last heave” to freedom as he delays the final step of lockdown reopening.

On Sunday night the Prime Minister was finalising his plan to push back the June 21 reopening in England by up to four weeks owing to a surge in Covid cases. Earlier in the day he had refused to rule out further delays in the future.  Read the full story.

2. Public fed up with virtue-signalling police who should be locking up burglars, says police chief

The public are “fed up” with police officers’ virtue-signalling rather than locking up burglars, one of Britain’s most senior police officers has said.

Stephen Watson, the new chief constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said police officers’ traditional impartiality is being put at risk by “making common cause” with campaign groups by, for example, taking the knee or wearing rainbow shoelaces. Read the full story.

3. PM  is well aware of ‘incoherences’ in Brexit deal, hits back Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron has declared that Boris Johnson was “well aware” of “incoherences” in the Northern Ireland Protocol when he signed up to it, as the sausage trade row deepened on Sunday.

The French President used a press conference at the end of the three-day G7 summit in Cornwall to demand that the Prime Minister act “professionally” and respect the terms of the controversial mechanism. Read the full story.

4. Nixon in China, the opera critics loved, engulfed in ‘yellow face’ row

With sell-out performances in Scotland last year and a host of four and five-star reviews, Scottish Opera’s production of Nixon in China was described as "entrancing" and "gripping" by critics.

But the production has now, 16 months after it was actually on stage, become the centre of a "yellow face" row culminating in Scottish Opera withdrawing it from nomination for a prestigious award and issuing an apology for "inadvertently" causing offence. ​Read the full story.

5. ‘She reminded me of my mother,’ says Joe Biden after tea with the Queen

They made a lovely couple, putting the ‘elder’ into statesmen. The Queen formally welcomed Joe Biden to Windsor Castle for tea yesterday, the 13th president she has met in 69 years on the throne.

With a combined age of 173 years, they had experience (and wisdom) in droves. President Biden, 17 years the Queen’s junior, was clearly taken. "I don’t think she’d be insulted,” he later told reporters of his visit, "[but] she reminded me of my mother." Read the full story.

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