A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week.

image copyrightYasin Akgul / AFPimage captionA boat navigates through a jelly-like layer of slime on the Caddebostan shore of Turkey's Marmara Sea. The slime develops on the surface of the water because of the excessive proliferation of phytoplankton, and has been informally called "sea snot". It was first documented in Turkey's waters in 2007.image copyrightJoe Klamar / AFP image captionThree-year-old dachshund Archibald refreshes himself from a fountain on a warm and sunny day in Seestadt, a suburb of Vienna.image copyright Jeenah Moon / Reutersimage captionLeslie Grace arrives for the premiere of the new musical In The Heights at the United Palace Theatre in Manhattan, New York, USA. It is the first screen role for the singer and songwriter.image copyrightAlexey Malgavko / Reutersimage captionAt least 17,000 orthodox pilgrims, loaded with backpacks and some of them barefoot, took part in a five-day and 150km (93m) long journey from Kirov to the village of Velikoretskoye.image copyrightClive Rose/Getty Imagesimage captionMax Verstappen kicks the tyre of his Red Bull car after he crashed out of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan in Baku. While leading the race, his tyre failed at close to 200mph with just five laps to go.image copyrightBjoern Kils / Reutersimage captionThe partially eclipsed sun rises behind the Statue of Liberty in New York City. This particular event is what's termed an annular eclipse, with the Moon moving across the face of our star, but not completely blocking out its light.image copyrightYasuyoshi Chiba / AFP image captionA member of the Canaan Riverside Green Peace voluntary group holds a young tree to be planted on the bank of the Nairobi River, in Dandora slum in Nairobi. Every weekend for the past two years the group has cleaned the river and planted about 500 trees.image copyrightToby Melville / PAimage captionFirst Lady Jill Biden is seen wearing a jacket with the word Love on the back, as she takes in the view outside Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall, ahead of the G7 summit she is attending with her husband the US president Joe Biden.image copyrightPeter Nicholls / AFPimage captionBritain's Prince Charles puts on a face covering because of Covid-19, after making a speech to employees during his visit to the car production plant in Oxford where the Mini is assembled.image copyrightChina Daily via Reutersimage captionA herd of wandering Asian elephants, which has achieved fame in China, has been spotted taking a nap in a forest. The herd was seen resting near a village in Xiyang township after heavy rain slowed down its travels. The local government has deployed 14 drones and some 500 people to keep the herd safe, close roads and try to steer the elephants to the south-west of the country.

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