The spider seemed to be absolutely ginormous

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A mind-boggling photo appears to show an absolutely massive spider dwarfing a police car in an 'apocalyptic' scene – but thankfully not all is as it appears.

The creepy arachnid had crawled over a traffic camera on the M5 in Devon and when an officer used it to scan for a crash they got a pretty big shock, reports Devon Live.

Due to the perspective, the spider initially seems to be larger than the police car and looks as if it is crawling towards an unsuspecting officer who is laying traffic cones on the road.

But thankfully the spider, which was spotted between junctions seven and eight, near Worcester, is just regular-sized.

The image resembled a scene from a horror film
(Image: BPM MEDIA)

So fear not, the creepy-crawly has nothing whatsoever to do with the giant spider Shelob, from Lord of the Rings – or Aragog from Harry Potter for that matter.

I'm sure that's a relief for all those with arachnophobia!

This isn't the first time a baffling image has done the rounds online of late.

Earlier this year, a video circulated on social media appearing to show a man leaping into the sky in a confusing optical illusion.

In the footage, a man can be seen dressed in black, standing on the face of a rock with a beautiful blue sky, complete with pristine white clouds, beneath his feet.

He then leaps and performs a perfect backflip – and appears to float upwards into the sky, towards the clouds, and continues to rise until he is obscured by the rock.

The video left internet users perplexed after it was shared on Reddit, with one user saying it looks like something out of a video game.

And another mind-blower went viral and people couldn't believe their eyes.

At first glance the illusion appears fairly simple, just two squares on a grey background.

The image is split into two sections – a smaller square in the centre and a larger square bordering it – both of which feature the same woven pattern.

But if you look closely, you'll notice something very odd about the square in the centre.

The baffling picture was originally shared by a Reddit user, who captioned it: "This is not a gif."

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