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Coming soon to 11 cities across Europe, Euro 2021 is approaching its final countdown. Much to the excitement of fans from the 24 qualifiers and the broader continental football-loving public who have endured a year’s delay, the 16th European Championship begins on Friday, June 11 in Rome, kicking off a 31-day festival spanning 11 countries and 51 matches. 

To help you plan your schedule, you can print off our Euro 2021 calendar.

And if your favourite team lets you down, you could still come away from this summer’s tournament a winner by taking part in a Euro 2021 sweepstake.

We have created a kit that is ready for you to download, print and play with.

All you need to do is cut out each team and place them into a hat. As discerning Telegraph readers you are bound to have numerous examples of the milliner’s craft about the house but should one not be to hand, any receptacle will suffice. Invite the participants to draw a team and note down each individual selection. 

But how should the money be split? Well, if you have 24 people willing to play, you could make entry £5 per team with £80 for the winner, £30 for second place and £10 for third.

Alternatively, £2 per entry could be split up with £25 for the winner, £15 for second place, £8 for third place.

If you’re playing among a smaller group of people, you could pick two or more teams each to ensure all are taken.

Simply click on the image below, print and get ready for another big summer of tournament football.

Download banner: Euro 2021 football sweepstake

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