Stuart Logan, 48, with his collection of Zoflora (Image: Mercury Press & Media)

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Don't underestimate the influence of cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch.

After soaring to fame thanks to her cleaning tips on Instagram, lots of products she's raved about have become mainstream favourites.

One product in particular now has a cult following after the cleaning sensation raved about it.

As her fans know, Mrs Hinch swears by Zoflora disinfectant.

One cleaning fan has shown his love for the disinfectant by getting the logo of the Zoflora brand inked on his arm.

Stuart Logan, 48, said he's loved the fragrant cleaning agent since he was a young boy after his mum used it to clean their house.

The finished tattoo – which took two hours and cost £100
(Image: Mercury Press & Media)

His family weren't surprised
(Image: Mercury Press & Media)

Now the dad-of-two has a collection worth more than £500, full of limited edition and discontinued bottles.

He splashed out £100 on getting the Zoflora logo inked on his right arm after his family joked about his cleaning obsession.

Stuart from Bridgend, South Wales, said: “I’ve been a passionate cleaner ever since I was young.

“I used to follow my mum around the house cleaning and I always remember the smell of Zoflora floating around behind her.

“I think that’s where my love for it comes from.

Stuart's collection boasts more than 180 bottles
(Image: Mercury Press & Media)

Wife Nikki and Stuart with his collection
(Image: Mercury Press & Media)

“My family all know I’m a bit bonkers so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to them.

“It was actually my brother-in-law who originally suggested it as a joke.

“Then I thought, ‘actually I bet no-one else on the planet has that tattoo’ and decided why not get it done.”

The tattoo took two hours to complete and has become the latest label added to Stuart’s collection which boasts more than 180 bottles of different kinds of Zoflora.

But while Stuart’s wife Nikki and daughters, Hannah, 27, and Amy, 24 aren’t shocked by his latest move, strangers on Facebook have been left shocked that the tat is real.

Stuart said: “When I told my wife I was doing it she said ‘it’s your body, do what you want love’.

“But people online can’t believe it or understand why anyone would do that.”

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