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British perfume brand Jo Malone London has issued an apology to John Boyega for dropping an ad he made for them and replacing him with a Chinese actor.

Boyega was last year named as the company's first male global ambassador.

The firm re-shot the personal video the Star Wars actor made, in his home town of London, for the Chinese market.

"We deeply apologise for what, on our end, was a mistake in the local execution of the John Boyega campaign," they said in statement.

Boyega's sister Grace posted the Chinese version of the advert in a Twitter response.

Jo Malone London, owned by Estee Lauder, said the ad re-shoot was a "misstep", "painful" and one that caused "offence".

While the script for the aftershave commercial – which was originally conceived and directed by the British star – remained largely the same, it saw him replaced by another actor, Liu Haoran.

The original version, entitled London Gent, showed Boyega hanging out with friends and family in Peckham, where he grew up, but they were also removed for Chinese audiences.