Chelsea have responded to the latest coronavirus lockdown by offering footballers weekly Joe Wicks-style training sessions with one of the club’s coaches.

The Blues are launching Coaches Corner Live in which Chelsea academy and foundation coach Andrew Ottley will put on weekly live sessions to help footballers, young and old, maintain their training from home.

Under the current restrictions, non-elite level footballers can no longer play or train in groups which has left thousands of players of all abilities and ages stuck at home and unable to keep fit and improve their skills.

The situation facing the country’s youngsters has been highlighted by Telegraph Sport’s Keep Kids Active in Lockdown campaign which was backed by, among others, Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard.

Ottley’s Chelsea sessions will provide players with opportunities to develop their technical skills, from agility and dribbling to passing, shooting and ball mastery. This will be done through a series of demonstrations, challenges and drills that can be followed from home, whether in the garden or indoors.

Footballers of all abilities are encouraged to take part in the video sessions and no special coaching aides are needed, as Chelsea have promised that participants will be able to replicate markers and cones with household objects such as shoes, jumpers or plastic water bottles.

Sessions will be broadcast live on Chelsea’s official Facebook channel at 11am every Saturday morning throughout lockdown and players can continue their training through the week via an app that is used by the club’s academy.