By Aleisha Scott

Publishedduration6 hours agoshareSharenocloseShare pagelinkCopy linkAbout sharingimage copyrightCalham Hillimage captionThe button battery was stuck in Sofia-Grace's throat for four months

An 11-month-old girl who was rejecting solid food had a button battery lodged in her throat for four months.

Doctors thought Sofia-Grace Hill had tonsillitis or a viral infection until an X-ray revealed the battery the size of a 10p in her oesophagus.

She underwent a two-hour operation to remove it and is now on a liquid only diet.

A surgeon said her survival may be due to the battery being old and without charge.

Dad Calham, from Swindon, first noticed something was wrong in January 2020 and had countless paramedic call-outs and visits to the GP and local hospital.