By Joe Tidy
Cyber reporter

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If you ever needed proof of the power of "Big Tech" then the downfall of Parler on Monday morning is a good place to start.

I, like many others, logged on to the controversial social network to see what would happen after 11:59 Pacific Time in the US.

This was the deadline Amazon had given the app to find a new host service before it booted the platform offline for allegedly containing violent content.

It was being seen as a significant moment in ongoing efforts by US tech giants to "deplatform" Donald Trump and some of his extreme supporters after the US Capitol Hill riot last week.

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The clock struck 12:00 though and nothing happened. I and millions of other users were still able to search and post just as usual.

But then, like dominos, users around the world starting reporting problems. For me, at about 12:10, everything stopped working. No content found, a message read.

With a flick of a switch then, Parler, a fast-growing app seen by some as a free-speech alternative to Twitter, was no more. For now.

Parler can, and probably will be able to, find a new host provider but losing Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the largest website hosting provider in the world – means other major providers are likely to turn away their business too.