Scott Parker is angry at his Fulham side having to face Spurs on Wednesday with just two days' notice 


Scott Parker has described the decision to rearrange Fulham’s fixture with Tottenham Hotpsur at two days’ notice as “scandalous” and “madness”.

Parker was told on Monday that his team would face Spurs after their original clash on December 30 was postponed after a Covid-19 outbreak in his squad.

With Spurs seeing another match cancelled after an coronavirus cases at Aston Villa, the decision was made by the Premier League to play the Fulham game on Wednesday but left Parker with two days to prepare.

"I am angry because it is not right. It is wrong. That is why I am so angry," said Parker.  "The possibility of playing Spurs on Wednesday came on Saturday.

"We didn’t think that was realistic and we were informed Monday morning at 9:30am. To confirm that on Monday morning is scandalous. I accept we have to play the game, but it’s the notice.”

Parker’s team are battling against relegation and he tried to explain to the Premier League over the weekend that it would not be possible to prepare for a game at short notice.

"The people making these decisions don’t understand players. We have had it tough. We thought they had six days’ recovery time. It is madness really," he said.

"Getting a game called off two hours or 48 hours before is irrelevant. That is disappointing. To have a game agreed at 48 hours’ notice, Jose will know you plan for one game or the other. Tottenham knew they had a fixture. He will have planned for that with his team selection.

"Would this have happened with two of the biggest teams in a title clash? Probably not. This is not acceptable.

“It is not about the fixture. I accept we have to play but it is the notice. Maybe the people in these places making these decisions don’t understand how you manage teams and manage  players. You are constantly working out well in advance.”