For years, if you wanted to play a recent video game that made you feel like Indiana Jones, you’d have to pick up Uncharted. And if you wanted to watch a film that felt a bit like playing Uncharted, you’d stick on three of the four Indiana Jones films. But in the year that will finally – all things permitting – see the Uncharted movie hit our screens, comes an exciting Indy announcement in the gaming sphere: everyone’s favourite whip cracking archaeologist is getting a next-gen video game courtesy of the team at Bethesda.

The game was announced in a short video teaser, one day after the announcement that Lucasfilm Games will be the new identity for titles relating to Lucasfilm properties going forward (including upcoming Star Wars games). Watch the trailer here:

The new Indy game is being developed by Machine Games, previously behind the Wolfenstein series – so they have form in creating adventures that pit players against nefarious Nazis. It’s being executive produced by Elder Scrolls and Fallout producer Todd Howard, along with Lucasfilm Games, and according to will feature an all-new standalone story that sees Indy at the peak of his adventuring. If you look closely at the teaser, it sounds like Rome is set to be a destination in the game.

It won’t be the first Indiana Jones game – beyond the point-and-click favourites like Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, there was 2001’s Tomb Raider-esque 3D adventure The Infernal Machine, and 2003’s The Emperor’s Tomb, as well as LEGO Indiana Jones. But a full-strength Indy game, with today’s consoles, and a brand new Lucasfilm-approved story? That’s really something to look forward to.

Beyond this initial announcement, it sounds like it’s early days yet on the project. But with James Mangold set to direct Indiana Jones 5 for a proposed July 2022 cinema release, there are all kinds of new Indy adventures coming our way – here's hoping they live up to those first three classic outings.

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