On December 2, England is expected to emerge from its month long lockdown. The Government has already announced that the three tier system will resume, meaning each area of the country will face different restrictions as they did before November 5. 

The previous system – dubbed "Local Covid Alert Levels" – divides England into "medium" (Tier 1), "high" (Tier 2) and "very high" (Tier 3) risk areas depending on the current rate of Covid-19 infections – though the government has not released the exact thresholds for triggering lockdown.

New measures are likely to impose a higher tier of restrictions, which could even exceed tier-four, as government scientists now argue that the three-tier system is not enough to control the virus. 

The tier system will cover every postcode in England. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the UK, Wales has emerged from their ‘fire break’ lockdown, and non-essential businesses have reopened.

Scotland has imposed a country-wide travel ban and imposed Tier 4 restrictions  across 11 of its central and western areas, including Glasgow. These restrictions will remain in place until December 11. 

Northern Ireland also announced a circuit breaker lockdown which will begin just one week after its last lockdown expired. These rules will start on November 27 and will see the closure of all non-essential businesses, among other restrictions across the entire country. 

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When the three tier system continues, local areas will be able to choose from a set of additional measures that include further restrictions on hospitality and leisure sectors. 

Schools and universities will remain open under every tier in England. 

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