Publishedduration1 hour agoimage copyrightGumbo Limbo Nature Center via CBSimage captionA baby sea turtle stuck in plastic in Florida

A new decade-long survey of sea animals harmed by plastic rubbish in US waters has revealed data on which animals are being affected by plastic pollution.

Oceana, the world's largest ocean conservation group, tracked about 1,800 cases of animals hurt by plastic since 2009 for a new comprehensive report.

Of the animals surveyed, around 88% are listed as threatened or endangered under the US Endangered Species Act.

Oceana warns that the numbers are sure to be far higher than the data reveals.

The survey released on Thursday examines 1,792 examples of marine animals that became entangled in plastic or that had swallowed it.

Forty species studied in Oceana's report are listened as threatened or endangered, including Hawaiian monk seals, Florida manatees, Steller sea lions and all six species of sea turtle found in the US.