We've still got a few months to wait until No Time To Die, the latest James Bond outing, arrives on our screens (which screens those might be is still up for some debate). But if you're looking for more 007 content, then video game company IO Interactive has some good news – a new Bond game is in development, and has a teaser online.

It's clearly still quite early for the game, which doesn't have a final, official title yet – Project 007 is the working name – but the company has revealed that the game will let players follow an original, origin story for the world's most famous secret agent as you earn your 00 status.

The company is probably best known for the Hitman franchise, and will be employing its proprietary Glacier technology. There will be more news on this one in time. Meanwhile, No Time To Die is still targeting a 2 April, 2021 release, and we're keeping our fingers crossed.