By Cristina Criddle
Technology reporter

Publishedduration27 minutes agoimage copyrightPress Association

Animal charities have warned against "extremely irresponsible" breeders selling kittens and puppies on Facebook, as demand increases over lockdown.

Facebook guidelines state animals cannot be sold between private individuals.

But a BBC investigation has revealed puppies and kittens are being advertised through the platform.

Charities warned the animals may be sick, too young or it could be a scam.

The RSPCA called these sellers "extremely irresponsible".

"We know that there are lots of unscrupulous breeders and sellers out there who exploit social media and classified websites in order to sell puppies and kittens without arousing suspicion," a spokesperson said.

People should consider adopting from a rescue centre first, or follow its advice on buying dogs and cats – including seeing where the animal was bred, the charity added.