Golden State Warriors ease precautions on DeMarcus Cousins | NBA News |

The Golden State Warriors do not plan to limit DeMarcus Cousins’ playing time for the duration of the regular season.

The team had been careful with Cousins’ workload since he returned to the court in mid-January after recovering from a torn left Achilles tendon.

Cousins was limited to 25 minutes per game but coach Steve Kerr said he and his staff would be more lenient as the team returns from the All-Star break.

“It was just sort of understood that we looked at the calendar, we had about a month, maybe a little more, between the time he came back and the All-Star break coming,” Kerr told ESPN.

“So that was the plan. We executed our plan. He did a great job, DeMarcus did. So now we’re entering a different phase of the season.

“We’ll see how it goes, but nothing’s set in stone.”

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Golden State Warriors ease precautions on DeMarcus Cousins | NBA News |

Cousins is averaging 13.9 points and 6.8 rebounds in 11 starts with Golden State. He has played an average of 23.4 minutes per contest.

“We’ll see how the games go,” said Kerr.

“I don’t think we’ll change the plan too much in terms of how we’re going to play him in the rotations and all that, but I think once we get back into the rhythm, we can absolutely play him for longer stretches, play him down the stretch [if] we like.”

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