Football-mad parents in legal battle to name baby son ‘Griezmann Mbappe’

A FOOTBALL-MAD couple are in a bitter dispute with authorities over naming their newborn son Griezmann Mbappe.

The parents want their baby boy's name to be a permanent tribute to France's World Cup-winning heroes Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe.

Football-mad parents in legal battle to name baby son ‘Griezmann Mbappe’Reuters2 A football-mad couple in France are in a legal battle to name their son Griezmann Mbappe

The child was born earlier this month in the central French town of Brive.

But officials are less than impressed with the parents' choice and are seeking to ban the couple from being able to use the name.

Authorities tasked with ensuring children's names have flagged the case to prosecutors.

If prosecutors share the opinion that such an eye-catching name could cause the child problems in life, a family court could order the couple to change the name.

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